Obama uses fear to silence those in opposition to Iran deal

       Obama's latest delusion-the whole world, other than the Israeli government, supports his Iran deal. Obama has forgotten, the most important opinion, the American people's, don't even support it. He is acting like president of the U.N, not the United States. Does he actually believe by telling us the world has come to terms with his deal, that we should? A foolish folly, to even suggest opposition to this deal is misguided, shows just how far this president lives from reality. 
       After allowing multiple enemies to cross his imaginary red lines, he now claims the all or nothing approach-pass the bill, or we go to war. I don't believe anyone is asking for war or believe this president would ever preemptively attack Iran. The people are rightly asking to keep the sanctions in place, and keep all other options on the table. The bill Iran and Obamas Secretary of State have forged, completely allows Iran back into the international markets, opening up over 100 billion plus in Capital, for a country consistently ranked first on state sponsored terrorist lists. Does this make sense to anyone?
    The president proclaims Israel will bear the brunt of an American preemptive strike on Iran. He now says, "rockets will rain on tel aviv, if congress fails to pass this bill." Does he actually believe Israel will wager its existence on this president or any other? Israel will do what is necessary to protect its people, and that is their right.
     President Obama's rhetoric does not hold up when judged against his previous actions, not even the media believe this president would attack Iran if congress chooses not to pass this unnecessary, undeserving concessions to Iran. The presidents eagerness to give Iran the benefit of the doubt, even as they continue to fight on the opposite side of us in Syria and Yemen, is alarming to say the least. Iran has given the U.S. absolutely no reason to lift sanctions, yet the president advocates for it anyway. 
     Israel will prevail, and it needs its leader to believe so as well. Obama brought the bill to the U.N first, because he knows this bill will never pass a republican congress. The president will than veto the bill, leaving the democrats to decide the fate of his Iran deal as congress needs a 2/3rd majority to override a presidential veto. At least the American people will no longer have any doubts on who truly supports Israel. 
      As congress debates this bill, it is important to let our enemies know we do not fear them, that if they so wish to go to war merely because they cannot accept Israel's existence, it will be a war that will end with a resounding victory for Israel.