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Netanyahu defends response to UN vote: 'Israel will not turn the other cheek'

"Enough with the mentality of exile," says Prime Minister Netanyahu.

obama israel

Know comment: Beware the revenge of Obama

Rejection leads to projection. In his final days in office, Obama will unilaterally move the markers where he still can, including a drive toward Palestinian statehood.


October 19, 2016: UNESCO

The Obama administration wrongly calls legally established settlements in Judea and Samaria “obstacles to peace,” and their expansion “inflammatory and provocative.”

A Palestinian man hangs a Palestinian flag atop the ruins of a mosque

Why won’t Obama condemn the Palestinian Authority demand for a Jew-free state?

Everyone knows, though few say publicly, that the safety of Jews could scarcely be guaranteed in an actual, as opposed to a theoretically peaceful, Palestinian state.

US President Barack Obama at Shimon Peres's funeral.

White House corrects Obama speech transcript listing Jerusalem in Israel

"I could not be more honored to be in Jerusalem to say farewell to my friend Shimon Peres, who showed us that justice and hope are at the heart of the Zionist idea."

Netanyahu and Obama

The Israel-US MoU as a prelude to Obama peace parameters?

The scope of the deal and its provisions on missile defense funding demonstrate a strong commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge.

US President Barack Obama

Thirty-eight billion thank yous

Among complaints over lost ground on Israel’s qualitative military edge over its Arab neighbors during the end of the Bush presidency, the Obama administration quickly saw that the problem was fixed immediately.

Rahm Emanuel, mayor

Will Rahm Emanuel be US's next ambassador to Israel? Not so fast, says Chicago mayor

With the elections coming closer, the American Ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, has not yet decided when he will leave his post.

obama israel

Analysis: Missing the forest for the trees

According to a senior Obama administration official, the Israeli government has succeeded in securing a central request in its negotiations over a decade-long US defense package.

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