Presidential overreach

        The list could be a hundred pages long, but let's stick to what I considered major violations of the constitution. The presidents failure to enforce laws passed by congress. The immigration laws that were on the books when this president took office have been dismissed for an illegal open border policy. That is just his second unconstitutional act, the president does not have the power to create policy, only congress can do that. In Americas history there have been plenty of struggles between presidents and congress, many past presidents, including Lincoln had a poetic disdain for congress. The difference is, is that our current president actually creates policy without congresses approval. Our past presidential-congressional battles have never resulted in the president just bypassing congress to create policy. What's also very strange, is how weak congress is acting. They are seriously acting like our president is dictator and there's nothing they can do. Bullocks, they're just scared of negative press, which is ridiculous because nowadays negative press is a good thing. Republicans, the press will never ever like you, don't ever pander to the press's agenda. Why do you think Trump is doing so well, because he really doesn't care what the media or anyone has to say. When the president is acting like a dictator and we have a republican speaker, and a republican majority leader in congress, and nothing changes, somethings very wrong.
  Congresses approval ratings aren't historically low because republicans run it, it's historically low because after the people gave republicans congress, nothing changed. I believe after 2010 the people felt they had a check on the president by electing a republican majority in the house. When the republicans failed and complained of an uncooperative senate, we gave them the senate, and now it's back to the president whose not cooperating. Geniuses, that's why we gave you both houses of congress, because the president has gone rogue and we needed to do something about it. 
  His third unconstitutional act, spying on congressional members who oppose him as well as Americas closest allies. This a serious crime, the president does not have the right to interfere with the legislative branch, a huge overreach of power. Yet, to this president, what does it matter, congress doesn't have the gaul to do anything about it. If this was a boxing match, the president would be up nine rounds to one with two remaining. People should be worried- will future presidents go even further than this one? We need congress to keep a check on the executive branch, otherwise our government is run more like a monarchy. Where one man, with an Iranian women as his chief adviser, dictate America and use ridiculous rhetoric in their propaganda to get the people to go along with it.
      Fourth unconstitutional act-using the IRS and other various government agencies to go after American citizens. When Nixon was impeached, on the first page of his indictment, the prosecutor wrote, " using the IRS to go after political opponents." Clearly congress cared when their president was using the most fearsome arms of government to go after American citizens, but only when it's a republican president. The media has entirely too much complicity with the President getting away with this one. The press just shut out the story, only Fox and a few conservative outlets were writing about it. And it was after getting away with this one, is where we see this president going even further in his overreach as he now was certain the media would largely say nothing.
    I will never understand how the people have come to terms with this president and his use of executive action, he is not a king, the people should be angry, very angry. Our government, led by our president is acting against the constitution, and the will of the people. He is using arms of his most fearsome government on the planet to intimidate the people he is supposed to govern, the people he is supposed to protect. There can be no other, no proclamation, that this president has not acted directly against the American people, with lies and coercion. 
    Even his constitutional acts were only passed based on flat out lies. He proclaimed, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your current plan, you can keep your current plan." All lies, in which he knew as he spoke them. From day one he divided the country, not the republicans-by passing bills in which not a single republican voted for. The state of the Union is almost the best indication you will get of this president, his arrogance, his narcissism, his inability to admit failures. He just conjured up lie, after lie after lie, and I'm done listening to it. In a little more than a year, with g-d's blessing, America will bounce back and be governed as a republic, not a dictatorship.