The definition of a WitchHunt



 So...We are about a year in, 6 months under Obama and now 6 months under his leftovers at the justice department. What do we know? That DTs son took a 20 minute meeting with a Russian no name lawyer?There are larger questions we will ask about this mole later. Yes, Don Jr has never been in politics. Yes, he was taken advantage of, but he also took the bait. Either way. The info she offered was readily available public information. That's why the story died in a few days. 


  The Russia hoax is on its last legs, it was a ploy to misdirect the Democrats base. They cheated Democracy by rigging the primaries in favor of Hilary Rodham Clinton over socialist Sanders. They still haven't given up their servers. And let's remember one key fact. The DNC wasn't willing to even give Obamas compromised DHS and FBI the servers. And now they tell us Russia did it? But if Russia did it, Why not give the Obamas administration the servers to inspect? Why hide them? Because it was never Russia. It was one of their own. It was either a true patriot inside the DNC, or a corrupt IT guy that worked for a corrupt Debbie Washerman Shultz. Either way, we have more evidence of either of those scenarios, than Russia doing it. 


   The most worrisome part? The media mentions Russian hacking, as if it is an absolute fact because corrupt and tainted Obama agencies said so, without seeing the servers. Journalists ask questions, and they failed to ask the most important question in this case. "Why wouldn't you let the FBI investigate the servers?"

For me, there is no debate. Russia probably did spread misinformation, like they have for a hundred years. And knowing Russian psychology well, they didn't want DT. They would've preferred a weaker Democrat leader. A corrupt one, to her core. So they made a couple of fools believe they supported DT during the election, to hurt him, not help him. But whatever. The self proclaimed Einsteins in the media are radical left,  Democrat activists, period.


   All DT has done, was win an election because the people believe in him. His love of country is not up for debate. The people know they have a president working for them. It's either the media treats him fairly. Or they will eventually go out of business. The people are not blind to their lies. The media is supposed to inform the public, now they are in the business of manipulation. They fabricate stories to push a narratives that does not exist, to advance an extremist agenda. The media, and our compromised congress has let this Russia charade go on too long. It's time they focus on our problems, not just Democrats being out of power. China is our real adversary, Russia is a 1 trillion dollar joke of an economy. 


   The amount of corruption our media has turned an blind eye to, when it comes to Democrats, renders them, in my eyes, propagandists. They do not deserve the honor of representing us as our media. They have sold their souls to a party that seeks total domination of our individual self