How far left will they go?

     The democrats have quite a dilemma on their hands. On one side-the moderate democrats(if such a thing still exists), clearly support Hillary Clinton, which largely consist of the minority community, women, middle aged and older Americans. Yet, my generation, the Millennials, support Sanders two to one over Mrs Clinton, the largest demographic by age in the country. Considering the controversies surrounding the DNC's chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz to televise the debates during major American sporting events on weekends, when she new much less people would watch, will only galvanize support for Sanders. 
   Bernie is rapidly closing in on Clinton in the polls, even leading by an astounding 27 points in one poll in New Hampshire. If Bernie wins the nomination, even with the iron fist of the democrat establishment, and all of the Debbie's maneuvering, it'll mean the end of the democrat party and the beginning of the socialist party. They can no longer masquerade themselves as standing on the principles of Thomas Jefferson and JFK's democrat party. The debate rages on, wether one of the two major parties in America would really nominate an extreme socialist, one with a radical history of supporting anti-American dictators, as the incumbents party nominee. It is seemingly looking closer and closer to happening.
      All of Mrs. Clinton vulnerabilities are being taken to task, not from the right, but from the left. Bernie Sanders won the last debate outright, along with exposing Mrs. Clinton for the Washington elite she is. What will the democrats do? Will they really nominate a committed socialist with a radical past, asking to be exploited? It seems that way, people thought she was the "sure" nominee in 08, look how that played out. But Obama hid his real agenda and had a more center message in 08. Bernie Sanders isn't hiding anything, and I believe that's why the indoctrinated left is so infatuated with him. For how many generations have elite colleges been teaching that socialism works and the only reason for its failures was mismanagement? The left won the culture war, and I fear this country might be headed towards an outspoken socialist. 
   Proof of this can be seen in the polls, where my generation supports the hard left and sympathizes heavily with Bernie's extremist ideology. Even if republicans win this election, that is a scary thought given we are the largest age demographic in the nation. So either way it looks like America will become a full blown socialist country using fascism to achieve its goals sooner rather than later.. You can see it now, with these so called "safe zones" on campuses across the nation, where free speech doesn't exist. Sooner or later these people will be asking for the country to be a "safe zone" free from questioning any ills with society. The young have forgotten, when government runs everything, incentive is lost-that's why capitalism worked and communism failed. There's a fundamental incentive to achieve something when you know that no body's going to help you. A giant safety net of socialism, coupled with debts and an even larger gap between the rich and the poor would have dire consequences for this nation. Yes, this country does have social welfare programs for all those who want to say America is already socialist. And with Obama's healthcare law he definitely brought us closer, but as of now we aren't nationalizing private businesses. Due to the rise of Sanders, now Mrs. Clinton will have to position herself even further to the left, while ingratiating herself with the Obama administration with the hopes of bringing in his coalition.
    An argument can be made, that due to this presidents policies coupled with a changing economy, my generation has become so unemployed, so underemployed, that they simply see no other solution, but for more government intervention in the private sector, as the only way to lead a decent life. They failed to see that it was too much government intervention that led to this, thousands of new regulations have made it almost impossible to open and maintain successful small businesses, that contribute to almost all new jobs created. If we don't go back to free market principles, we will never see 4 or 5 percent growth again. The labor participation rate will get worse, the incentive to work will be lost, with newer and newer taxes to supplement the perpetually unemployed/disabled nation.
   If America fails to reestablish its commitment to the constitution, the very values and principles that made it the most economically powerful nation in the world, than we will see a world even more chaotic then that of today.  If Bernie Sanders ends up with the nomination, than in November we will finally see if Americans are willing to openly accept socialism. One can only pray they stick to what got us here, free enterprise coupled with limited Government playing no larger a role than the constitution had designed it to have. If we fall for the populist notion that anything in this life is free- other than life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, than we will drown this nation even further in debt hoping that printing trillions of dollars for free "stuff" will grow, not stifle and contract the economy. 
   Rome fell for various reasons, one can be attributed to the growth of their central governments spending causing rapid inflation where a loaf of bread was a months salary. Don't fool yourself believing America can't make the same mistakes, especially with what the New Democratic Party is proposing.