The folly of a two state solution

As the international community met in Paris over the last month, 70 plus nations decided for the second time in four weeks that the most pressing issue facing the international community, is Israel. Forget N. Korea building ICBM(Inter-continental ballistic missiles), China's actions in the south china sea, etc...etc. The point needs to be made clear, that they're certain things that need to change for Israel to ever consider giving up areas A, B or C in Judea and Samaria. Forget about east Jerusalem, that’s a non-starter for us. Jerusalem will remain the unified Capital of the Jewish state.
Now what are these changes I’m speaking of? It is much more than just a simple recognition of Israel as a sovereign state. Most of these terrorist attacks that have cost the lives out countless Jews and Arabs as well, has a much deeper problem that rooted in their society that needs to be addressed. You see, Hamas and the PA name streets after terrorists. They martyr them, essentially making them heroes regardless of their unmistakable failures as humans. For example, a drunk who has a failed marriage, no job, no future, no hope, can change the fortunes of his family’s name by committing one terrorist attack. Suddenly he’s being taught in schools for his bravery for driving a truck into a defenseless family of Jews. His family's fortunes change overnight. Until the Arabs culture of Jew hatred and the subsequent killing of innocence, nothing will ever change between the two sides. How could you expect Israel to give a state to a people who are giving tutorials to children as young as the age of 6, on killing Jews; you simply cannot. Because fundamentally there is a problem within their society towards ours, a hatred that runs so deep they celebrate the deaths of Israeli children being stabbed to death in their bedrooms. They celebrate despots driving trucks into families out for a walk on a lovely day. Modern day heroes to the Arab culture are terrorists, the same ones that have killed scores of innocent lives.
Now why is this so important? Because it changes the game for every single man or woman who suffers from depression or bi-polar disorder, they can be easily encouraged or manipulated into committing an act of terror, knowing the acclamation and adoration it will earn them within their community. Men who lost their wives, or their jobs are easily motivated to ram their car into Jewish families knowing their name will live on and their remaining family members will be taken care of. I’m just trying to show you from a psychological standpoint, why this is so dangerous for Israel. Because almost every despot in Arab society, and every society has its despots, is easily manipulated into killing innocent Israeli civilians. And look, we don’t really care what the world thinks on this matter, one dead Jew from a terrorist attack is one too many.
The world perceives Israel as exactly what our enemies are. And that is what is so frustrating to us. The left has marches around campuses claiming Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing. Yet, all it takes is a look at the number of Arabs living in the territories before 67 and after 67 to today. The Arab population, in almost every single community within Israel has more than doubled. Every Arab citizen has the same chance that every Jew has in Israel, regardless of his or her religion, to achieve some sort of prosperity for him/herself and their families. The once prosperous Jewish communities of Syria, Egypt, and Iran are all but gone. After the rebirth of Israel, 850,000 Jews were expelled overnight from Arab countries. Some reports have the Jewish population in these areas totaling over 1.3 million. But lets stick to the historical number of 850,000 Jews. By the early 1950s, 90 percent of Jews from Yemen, Iraq and Syria were expelled. How many are left? How are they treated? Yemen today has 40-50 Jews. In Iraq, where we have a history that dates back over 2000 years since our exile from Babylonia, where we once had 51 Jewish temples in Baghdad alone. Now Baghdad has just one Jewish temple and a population of less than 1000 Jews today. So who are the real perpetrators of ethnic cleansing? Numbers are facts, and they do not lie.
The Arab population continues to swell within Israel as they continue to enjoy the freedoms of democratic society that seeks rights for all its citizens. Meanwhile, the Jewish populations in Arab countries have all been decimated, forced from their homes, persecuted for their religion. We owe the Arab world nothing, and the international community needs to understand this. The reality today is this. Gaza could be given to Egypt, Area A and B will be part of Jordan and Area C remains Israel as well as the rest of Samaria and Judea. Jerusalem will remain unified and the recognized capital of the Jewish state. I am not the prime minister, nor will I ever be. But this is the reality; a new state cannot realistically be created under the circumstances today within Israel’s borders.