The offended

 In America nowadays, people get offended over everything and anything. The offended environmentalist, the oppressed Palestinians, everyone's a victim nowadays and somewhere along the lines truth was lost.
   In order for our democracy to work, we need to be able to speak truth regardless if someone takes offense to it. We are not children, if mere words effect your weak and unsteady heart than you have no place on this earth, where life can seem like a battle every day. They want us to be perfectly, politically correct, at all times. This is an injustice, how can you tell people, a radical Islamist who straps a bomb to himself and kills innocent civilians, can't be called a radical Islamists. How can you outright hide from the public the stabbing at U.C Berkeley just the other day, by a devoted ISIS supporter. The left hates facts that don't fit their narrative, but this is a fact and facts like these must be acknowledged if we are to ever fix the problem. 
    Universities across the nation have slogans encouraging, almost demanding that students use zero offensive language or face significant discipline. There's a huge problem with such an irrational idea, what someone might find offense, someone else might find completely fine to say. Do we let a minority of people who persist that we no longer call a football team the Redskins, even though they've been called that for decades because the name is allegedly offensive? It's gone too far, people need to speak their minds, and they shouldn't be afraid to do it in fear of giving "offense" to those who have unsteady hearts. The left is so unsure of themselves, that all it takes is a little criticism for them to become hostile and act like children.
      When our founders fought so hard for the right of free speech, the right to tell tyranny, no more of your absurd taxes, no more of your veiled threats and the quartering of soldiers. They risked their lives speaking out against the crown and gave us a free and strong nation over 200 years later. America is offensive, it has no equal, it can dominate every inch of this globe, and yet for the left that's an injustice. American being strong keeps the world somewhat peaceful. Obamas pulling out of Iraq and doing nothing about Syria is about to fundamentally change Europe is just one example.
    We are a western Christian-Judaeo  nation, as are the Europeans, now millions of unruly war hardened young fundamentalist Muslim adults are overwhelming their borders, resources and peace. 
    This is a nation that was born from men unafraid to speak truth to a tyrannical crown, and now the left and their puppet media are trying to change that. Let us not be afraid to say we disagree with gay marriage, let us not be afraid to say we disagree with men( regardless of wether they believe themselves to be women) into women's bathrooms. Let us not be afraid to speak truth because of a media who insist they are the only knowers of what is right and what is wrong. 
  It's baffling, that in this country. I myself second think every word that I'm about to speak,every word im about to write. After seven years of watching the aft called "impartial" mainstream media basically cower and bend knee for democrats and their victim cards they play each and every day.