The socialist democratic party debate

        It was 9th grade, and in my high school, classmates were vying for class president or basically speaker of the student council. It was a-who could promise more free this or more free that- an affluent group of young minds forgetting that someone actually has to pay for all these wonderful dance proposals and pizza parties: You name it, they promised it.
     The democratic debate was no different, a frenzy of who could promise more free goods. That's socialism my friends. Lest not kid ourselves, capitalism has taken more people out of poverty than every single government program combined. The democratic debates were the most anti-American principles and values spectacle seen in a long time. An Obama third term, that's what was promised, and spending this country into oblivion.
     Since the 1950s America has had a recession every 6-8 years. Our number one tool for fighting recessions was lowering interest rates, the fed doesn't have that tool as interest rates are near zero. I cannot fathom, in a country with a 19 trillion dollar debt, that potential future presidents plan on only perpetuating the problem. Five white candidates, three millionaires preaching on income inequality, the hypocrisy is palpable.
    Every single one of their proposals sans Jim Webb, the only viable candidate on stage last night was fantasy. They call these proposals free, no they are not free someone will be paying for free college tuition for illegal immigrants. Someone will be paying for healthcare for illegal immigrants. 95 million AMERICANS do not have jobs. The congressional budget office has already predicted that entitlement programs will account for a remarkable 85 percent of the budget. There's not a single economist outside the NYT that believes this is sustainable, and these candidates want more of it.  When will they realize they are vying to lead the American people, yet they want to help everyone else.
   81 percent of the debate did not even touch on foreign policy, and what few and far between questions did, were about global warming. Russia, China, and the enemies of the Middle East won last night. What's most frightening is Mrs. Clintons lack of moral sense, that has allowed her to take bundles of cash from these places through her foundation for almost two decades. She went as far as giving uranium to Putin: Do you believe we are speaking of a person with sound mind and reason? 
    She is losing to Ben Carson by 11 points nationally and another four republicans by at least four points. The socialist party has forgotten Americans believe in themselves they don't need nor want the democrats government handouts on our future generations backs.