The welfare state

   If you were to just analyze the situation in the most simplest terms. Comparing the fact that millions are now paying increasingly more for health insurance versus millions who now have subsidized healthcare insurance. A basic fact emerges, known in Washington but very hard to admit for politicians. Is that once you give people something, anything free, especially subsidizing a large portion of their healthcare, it's almost impossible to take it away. It doesn't matter if the policy has inverse effects, it doesn't matter if it's unaffordable and will eat up the budget. It doesn't matter the quality of care will be greatly diminished. What matters is that now almost ten million have almost fully subsidized healthcare while tens of millions premiums continue to rise to offset the cost. People like free, and they aren't going to let congress take away anything from social security to Medicare to Obamacare. Considering entitlement programs already account for a whopping 2/3rds of our annual budget, along with paying interest on the debt that number is expected to grow to 85 percent. 
  One of the biggest problems with electing democrats, one of many I might add is their complete lack of any fiscal knowledge. Whether something sounds good, or helps few at the moment might have dire consequences on the many in the future. That's the issue at stake, instead of growing the economy and allowing people to provide for themselves, we've essentially allowed them to believe no matter what, the government will provide. Human nature dictates that when people have a safety net, one as large as the u.s welfare system, their ambitions to take risks to further their career drop off dramatically. They become complacent, feeling entitled and owed something. A sickness among millennials, where feelings and misconceptions of what should be labeled offensive have effectively handicapped this next generation. 
   What's most shocking is the biggest advocates of a universal basic income or a slew of other unsustainable welfare programs are college kids. Kids who are supposed to be learning about making it in the real world with job skills. However, colleges are increasingly not preparing their students with adequate tools for success while the cost of attending said universities is rising astronomically.
  Who is going to hire you with a liberal arts degree? Who is going to hire you if you majored in French? The government gives out ludicrous loans for even more absurd majors that will never appreciate monetarily, meaning the government could forget about seeing most if any of the money they just 'lent' or gave 'students.' 
   With college professors coddling students, convincing every minority they are being oppressed by the white man, will get them no where in life. From 'safe spaces' to violently protesting someone as educated as Ben Shapiro, for being none other than a republican has unfortunately become the norm. When applying for a job, what're these kids going to offer, social justice in the workplace? How to be offended? How to protest for the sake of protest? How to claim the government is coming after their bodies, or an alien invasion is imminent? A law firm, a brokerage firm, realtors don't have time to deal with millennial emotions, they have families to feed and bills to pay. But G-d forbid you say something that 99.9 percent of the world would find mundane, but one SJW feels 'offended.' The media goes up an arms calling racist and bigot to anyone that disagrees with their fairy tales. Or how easily they take everything out of context and blast one liners to portray people(republicans) as something they're not. 
  I want to be clear about one thing, if another Republican had won the presidency not named Donald Trump, I can guarantee the media would treat him no better. Take Romney for example, one of the nicest human beings on the planet. Let's go over some headlines from 2012 "Legislators Recall a Governor Who Didn’t Mingle," one of many hit pieces that critiques Romney on his "awkward style and aloof manner." Sound familiar? What about Jackie calves in her hit piece in august 2012 writing "he(Romney) number of falsehoods and misleading statements from the Romney campaign coming in for independent criticism has reached a level not typically seen.” Not so different than Trump, but the media claimed Trump was different. Not at all, Trump was a republican and that's where the problem lies. So the new msm media, the Democratic media will oppose every and all republicans simply because they are not democrats. This isn't journalism, this is democrat party propaganda that his infiltrated what was once our must trusted institution, 'the free press.' Let's not make any qualms about this, their is no such thing as the free press anymore. 
   The press could be summed up quite easily. If you are a democrat, you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you are a republican, you might as well be the devil. As the MSM creates mass hysteria among the career unemployed, violent protests will continue. Moreover, their credibility will be lost forever if they don't change course immediately and start reporting the news rather than their known opinions.