Time to look to the east

   The west has zero understanding of Eastern Europe and Asia. As leftism continues to dictate much of western society/policy, much of the principles and values that millions cherished were lost. Eastern Europe and Asia treasure their ancient cultures, they're not about to accept millions of Muslims that rape, murder, pillage-In the name of multiculturalism, with a cult that doesn't believe in multiculturalism. This cult wants the world to live under the same demonic religion they live under, and will find whatever means to kill people for the sake of killing people. Russia and China have no patience for Muslim intolerance, that is why China executed 36 suspected Muslim terrorists. They don't waste precious time and resources by jailing them or giving them a trial. In the east, if you commit in act of terrorism or sympathize with their actions, you will be executed, and it surely sends a message to Muslims in western China and their eastern neighbors. You think Israel enjoys having to deal with Gaza, or any other war, of course not, we want to see our young alive and prospering, as does the east. People call Putin a dictator, a murderous one at that, yet western polls have is approval ratings in the 80s among his citizenry. They call him murderous because of Ukraine, yet the west looks at Ukraine through their radical leftist lens.  
    Well let me tell you a little bit about Ukraine because both my parents happen to come from a town called Kharkov, Ukraine(U.S.S.R at the time, this was over forty years ago). They have never spoken a word of Ukrainian in their lives, I don't know even a single word of Ukrainian, and would be shocked if they even knew one( I believe some words in Ukrainian are almost exactly like Russian, and most of the language is basically just a different dialect). My parents always told me they came from Russia, only when I grew up did I really understand the difference. Ukraine has been part of Russia since the Middle Ages, that is why the food we eat, the language we speak, is of Russian culture. Think of Ukraine as the Russian Texas, and due to the fall of the U.S.S.R, were able to establish an interdependent state, yet still held a close relationship with the new Russian government. Now imagine that state, aligning with your arch-enemy, and not due to democratic process, but a coup. Of course Russia wasn't going to allow almost all of eastern Ukraine, where the people still consider themselves Russian and speak Russian to be part of the EU. Western Ukraine, Kiev specifically chose not to go to the people and make their case for a new government. Instead, they chose to riot and create an uncontrollable situation where the current government had no choice but to flee. That is not democracy, and knowing the CIA's past, as well as MI-6, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear they played a key role in the uprising. Nonetheless the notion of NATO placing any advanced weaponry in Ukraine was completely unacceptable to Putin, and he wasn't wrong. Think about the Cuban missile crisis, when we blockaded Cuba when learning of Russian supply ships carrying nukes were heading there. Well, when the moment came and Russia saw Americas massive might, they turned around and went home. That is how Russia looks at Ukraine, they will never allow a Ukraine that is part of the EU, even if it means international sanctions and economic hardship at home.
      Russia panders to no one, and I mean no one. Turkey shot down one Jet, but the story was bigger then that. Russian intelligence rivals, possibly tops any nation on the globe. If Russia is providing evidence as well, then their should be little doubt that Turkey is supporting ISIS financially as well as militaristically. Putin has every reason to be intransigent with a dictatorial regime, such as Turkey run by an egomaniac who supports terrorism all over the globe. Yet, the west views Russia as the enemy. Russia could be our greatest ally in the Middle East, unfortunately the west hasn't learned that removing dictators and appeasing radical Islam will only make matters worse. Russia was the first to bomb the oil tankers, Russia was the first to go after their so called Capitol Raqqa. What does the west do, only make it harder on them, they only castigate them because Russia has become more capitalistic then all of Europe. Much of it may be crony capitalism, but at least it's not socialism enforced by fascism in Western Europe. 
    America can't dictate to superpowers wether or not they should hold ties with their ancestral homeland. Ukraine is Russia, Russia is Ukraine, Kiev along with parts of western Ukraine are another story. Yes, Yanukovich was corrupt to his very core, he deserved to be ousted, but democratically. And Ukraine, most likely would've voted for another pro Russian government, hopefully one not so corrupt. 
   The western world has abandoned Israel just as they did when appeasing Hitler after his numerous violations of the treaty of Versailles. They ignorantly believe that by appeasing the Islamic political movement masquerading itself as a religion, will keep them peaceful and at bay. The western worlds leaders live on a planet very distant from reality, they really believe that by calling for a Palestinian state, will end the radical Islam that is taking over Europe. After Charlie Hebdo and the subsequent Jewish market attack, terrorist actions taken by radical Islam, France brought up Israel and the nonsense notion that we occupy someone else's land. We occupy our own land, and honestly don't care what the western international community has to say at this point, so we look east. It wasn't until the second attack that France finally acknowledged that Israel has nothing to do with radical Islam, and finally recognized Islam itself as the problem.
    The U.N is the best example of how completely out of touch the west is abut the Middle East, they view it as they want to see it, not for what's actually taking place on the ground. Ban ki Moon legitimizing the killing of innocent Jews was one of the most disturbing speeches I've ever heard. More Muslims have died from other Muslims, than all of the west and east's wars with Arab nations combined. Yet, Ban ki Moon mentions Israel 22 times, while failing to mention Iraq and numerous other countries even once, in condemning human rights violations. If anything Israel is owed money for the capital spent and lives lost to deliberately limit as many civilian casualties as possible. Israel should be applauded for the thousands of lives they saved by going into Gaza, where Hamas would surround themselves with human shields. Israel should've destroyed Hamas for good in its last war, but because of the pressure of the west particularly, they had to settle for a few tunnels being destroyed. Now Israel sits and waits while Hamas just builds up their Arsenal to attack Israel again. I don't want, not even one more Jew dead because of little Gaza. Next time it's war, and wars conclude with the loser conceding. That concession must be the immediate recognition of Israel as a state, the immediate removal of Hamas, and all the corrupt U.N workers who allow them to use supplies meant for rebuilding Gaza, to build tunnels for attacking Israel. 
      When Israel tested its new barak 8 defense misses, which navy did we test them with? If you're guess was America, you'd be wrong, it was India. With India's economy only expected to grow larger, Israel gained probably its most strategic ally in the last eight years. Now it's time to look further east, China, for trade, military cooperation, among many other things.