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View of Mount Hermon covered with snow as it seen from the northern Golan Heights, near the border w

Israeli woman released, returns home as two shepherds freed to Syria

The young woman was healthy and did not seem to be hurt in Syria.

Mikhael Mirilashvili: Making an impact from Georgia to Israel

Mirilashvili is a leader in the international Jewish community with a focus on countries in the former Soviet Union.

David's Sling Weapons System Stunner Missile intercepts target during inaugural flight test

Should Israel be concerned that Russia might have an Israeli missile?

Chinese media reported that the advanced missile is now in the hands of the Russians who are reportedly working to reverse engineer it. What a weird report. And what odd timing.

Israeli woman gets seven years in a Russian jail over nine grams of pot

The Prime Minister's Office said that Israeli authorities have been involved in Issachar’s case from the start, clearly telling Russia that the punishment it wants to give her is disproportionate.

Balancing Act

Syria barely exists as a state, but Russia is keen to maintain calm there to help Assad keep control, while Iran, already overstretched, does not seem keen on an all-out confrontation with Israel.

Israeli and Russian delegation meeting in Moscow

IDF delegation returns from Moscow after Northern Shield, Syria talks

Israel's military says meeting with senior Russian officers discussed Lebanon and Syria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Victory Day parade in

Above the fold: Half-empty glass is a success

Stability in the region – especially in Syria, Lebanon and even Iraq – require that Israel and Russia work closely together.

Report: Netanyahu-Putin meeting in Paris canceled amid tensions

Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman have insisted that relations with Moscow are on track.

Russia: Israeli military action in Syria increases regional tensions

Israel has insisted that it notified Moscow of its movements and has blamed Syria for the downed plane.

Downing of Russian plane redefines Israel’s Syria dilemma

On September 17, Syrian air defenses accidentally shot down a Russian surveillance aircraft while retaliating against Israeli airplanes attacking Iranian assets, killing 15 Russian airmen on board.

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