Trump or Cruz-It's time for the establishment to choose

    How long have we been fighting for tort reform? Too long to even bother mentioning. How long have we asked our government to do something about what's going to be a 20 trillion dollars debt? What about our porous southern border? A decade at least. I cannot tell you how far off the establishment is, with the reality of the republican voter.
         The people have been losing jobs at an unforgivable pace, to foreign replacements nonetheless. Mainly through exploiting the H-B1 immigration loophole, and every American that was replaced was given an ultimatum that if they didn't train the very foreigners who were to replace them, they would not be getting a severance package(look up Disney engineers). What has the republican congress done about it? Nothing. How long have we been fighting for school choice, so low-income families can take their kids to a better school? Instead, we get common core and tenure that has proven to only decrease incentives for teachers to effectively do their jobs. The republican establishment has failed on everything, and I haven't even mentioned illegal immigration, and our one-sided "free" trade deals. That is why the people want a no-nonsense type, like Trump.
       I cannot begin tell you how many people I have spoken to, and had rational, reasonable debates with(doctors and lawyers) who always ended their arguments with "when he says he's going to make America great again, I believe him." I mean these are people I know from New York, lifelong liberals. Trump really has a movement, and it doesn't look like anyone is willing to make it a two-man race to actually put up a viable challenge to him. I fully believe if Marco and Kasich dropped out, Ted Cruz would be our nominee.
      The establishment is pushing so hard for Marco, that it has at least cost ahim a couple of states at best. Ted Cruz has the momentum to stop Trump, but the establishment won't let it happen, why? They wrongly believe they can somewhat control Trump, but with Cruz, being ideologically sound and true Reagan conservative, they feel they cannot. They are right. Ted Cruz doesn't want to make phony deals with Washington anymore. He wants to implement conservative principle and save us from our ever growing, invasive government. Publicly the establishment is denouncing Trump, but that's only because he leads at the moment. However, Cruz, even with four in the field is finding the votes to take on a name virtually known by every single American. He was supposed to be blown away in Kentucky, Louisiana. He lost both by less than five percent points. He would've won both if not for Rubio, but I don't like to get into hypotheticals. With Wyoming he's know won eight states, neither Kasich or Rubio have a path to the 1237 delegates needed. I'll say this much, if Rubio fails to win Florida, he has done nothing substantial from having Donald Trump hijack the nomination.
    Oddly enough. I do believe Trump is receiving unwarranted and partly unfair criticism. Look, there is no doubt that Trump has made some questionable decisions both financial and Ideological. He is resonating with the voters, and to deny that would be folly, they believe him, they really believe almost every word he says no matter the constitutionality or the reality of it ever coming to fruition. And I believe, again, due to Hilary's vulnerabilities coupled with Debbie Washmerman Shultz running the DNC as in arm of the Clinton campaign essentially proving they're in no way impartial, there's just no way she can take on Trump.
   She clearly destroyed her or private email server, she clearly lied about what were in those emails, she clearly can't be trusted,period. Reports are surfacing from Europe to China that prominent economist and politicians are fearing dreadful setbacks to the globalization of the world, if Teump were to be elected. Americans don't want a one world order, Americans want to be led by an American just as mush as Russia would be like to be led by a Russian. You know what, the fact the world fears Trump makes me like him just a little. If Teump can even fear these country's into believing him, the cheating and currency manipulation will come to a screeching halt. Americas coming back and we're not going to be pushovers anymore. The world took advantage of us under weak Obama, the international community bullied us around, stole our jobs, wrote so-called trade agreements that were completely one-sided, and boy is that going to end. I've been in the financial world for 15 years, and I revere Carl Ichan just as much as Buffet. If he can trust Trump, then I guess so could I. But boy are things going to change and Trump will definitely act in the best interest of the American people first. The reality is, the DNC is going to make sure the one candidate who stands a chance against Trump in the general election(a socialist, need I say more) will not get the nomination. And the way they have gone about the primaries has especially ticked off the millennial indoctrinated socialists. The future doesn't look great, but I'm done being against Trump. I want Cruz, but the other candidates are too selfish to drop out. We have to unite, and I'm going to give Trump some praise here. His press conference showed temperament, his eagerness to unify the party, and focus on defeating one of the most corrupt(I'm not going to get into her Clinton foundation slush fund) nominees in History. Trump has been blunt, frank, and unapologetic about his alleged convictions. Because that is all they are at this point, we've never actually seen him govern so don't tell me you know how he'll govern. And to the American people, a man that "tells it like it is," sounds better than never ending debates that lead to nothing. I believe he is being treated unfairly, only to an extent. As I said before, he deserves criticism, but it bounces off him like a trampoline. The American people believe he can make America great again, and that will win him the election, period. We have a chance to elect the most constitutionally sound conservative since Reagan, and his name is Ted Cruz. The fact that the establishment is more scared of Cruz than Trump proves who the real anti-establishment candidate is. The establishment feels they will be able to control Trump, somewhat, even though I believe they're most likely wrong. At the end of the day, Trump is a dealmaker, whether that's a good or bad thing for American politics remains to be seen. Senator Cruz is an ideological conservative, make no bones about it, Donald Trump will be anything you perceive him to be. I hope the party realizes the only shot they have to stop Trump, would be a Cruz-Rubio ticket. If that doesn't happen, I'm not going to bother talking about the primary anymore. Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, and it looks like the majority of Americans are going to believe his outlandish claims. From what I've seen and heard, they already do.