When words have no meaning

      Six out of ten of the wealthiest counties surround Washington D.C. A free country built on the idea of free enterprise, is now second fiddle to the ever-growing, money grubbing public sector. Ted Cruz was absolutely right when he called Washington a "cartel" and a government for and by the "lobbyists."
        The biggest piece of legislation seen in decades, passed without a single bi-partisan vote, was just allowed to stay by the Supreme Court, regardless of it impeding on the constitution on multiple fronts. 
    The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, The honorable John Roberts, allowed Obamacare to stay on the premise that the writers of the law, and congress who interpreted the law, simply made a mistake when writing that healthcare exchanges were to be "established by the state". Essentially meaning, that unless states set up their own healthcare exchanges-of which thirty six states chose not to-the federal government would have no legal authority to provide subsidies through the "federal" government-according the law of course.
      The Supreme Courts job was to interpret the law as written, not Judge what the framers of the bill were thinking when writing the bill. Whatever the governments position was in the time of writing those four words was all here-say, as you cannot for certain know what they were thinking at the time. Except of course, to put Americans under a government run healthcare system, that is given immense power to insurance companies salivating over new monthly payments with government guarantees. 
       The law never intended to have the federal government set up healthcare exchanges. Mr. Gruber, the man credited with playing an integral part in Obamacare, said as much in his newly released emails.
    It goes even further, in Chief Justice John Roberts decision, he blatantly, but not in exact words, acknowledged that those four words "established by the state," should've struck down the law, under what would be a normal Supreme Court setting. But because he felt the democrats intentions of obamacare were to increase the amount of people covered, not lower the amount, he gave them the benefit of the doubt, and ruled in favor of the not so affordable care act. 
       The problem is, this administration has only ever lied to us about this bill. First it was, that we could keep our plan if we liked it, than it was, if you liked your doctor, you could keep your doctor, culminating in a 2 billion dollar website four years in the making that barley worked. I could only guess which genius decided the government was competent enough to run our healthcare. 
        In America, the land of free will, will tax the people if they fail to comply with Obamacare. By failing to obtain healthcare through either the state, federal or private exchanges. The Supreme Court sided with an administration that bullies, coerces and lies to obtain their goals.
       Our politicians are corrupt beyond reconciliation. They no longer represent the regular guy, the small business barley making it by. Companies sitting on billions in capital, with their army of lobbyists, hold unequal and unmatched sway in Washington nowadays, and for far too long. The second the decision was brought down, and the law upheld by the Supreme Court, hospital and insurance stocks surged upwards. I wonder why that is, maybe because they benefit the most from this law.
      Our politicians eat at the fanciest of restaurants, they live in some of the most posh parts of their communities, their vacations can last months. How can they ascertain that they are like the people, when they live like kings. Washington is for sale to the highest bidder. Our so called representatives, increasingly only represent themselves and businesses that provide millions towards their campaign.