Duqu and Destiny



Not since Stuxnet has a virus so advanced been seen.

That was 5 years ago.

That was the Israelis many say.

Duqu is also the Israelis many say.

Fee, Fi, Fo. Fum.

But Israel today is regarded as Goliath, or “the Giant”. Not as little Jack with a dream of a beanstalk and a better life. That is surely the poor, tired, quiet, innocent Palestinian.

Like this guy.

In the Israel Palestine conflict Israel is the aggressor, the brutalizer, the occupier, the murderer.

But when it comes to Iran?


Israel has no right to prevent Iran from “nuclearizing”.

Never mind that Iranian “proxies” shoot missiles and send murderers to commit horrific atrocities against a people suing for peace since the day it was founded.

They send murderers to pizza parlors, homes with sleeping families, or this latest Israel news, a farmer seeking to live quietly and grow his fields.

Why? Jews have no right to reside, to thrive, to celebrate, and settle in their ancestral homeland.

In order to prevent the genocidal Iranian regime from incinerating every last Jew Israel often takes decisive and determined measures. Yet, while Israel denies ownership of this cyber-warfare tool security experts claim it was designed to spy on the Western supported talks with Iran about the pace and intention of their nuclear reactors and program.


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely

Israel’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely stated, “There is no basis for the international reports claiming Israel was involved in the matter,”yet, she added: “What’s much more important is that we prevent a bad deal, otherwise, at the end of the day, we will find ourselves under Iran’s nuclear umbrella. The latest Israel news reveals Iran’s influence, aggression, and danger is neither being hampered or limited by negotiations. Rather, they are being emboldened in their action.


The virus reportedly has capabilities including recording conversations and video, accessing and extracting of sensitive files on hardware or networks, accessing of  individual’s personal details, passwords, and keystrokes and other activity without being detected. Said one security expert: “It is the “ghost” of spy malware, very creatively and expertly designed and with intent and purpose.”

Personally, I say Duqu is Jewish ingenuity and brilliance applied with the greatest intentions: to save lives. Millenia ago our nation was punished for the sin of the spies. Today we are “making a tikkun” by sending spies to our enemies territory in the form of electronic Os and 1s to protect the thriving and growing Jewish Nation, despite our enemies best intentions.

Duqu is on our side.

So is destiny.