Spiritual leadership of the Jewish people and anti-Zionism

The conversation of Zionist Values and anti-Zionism concerning the spiritual leadership of the Jewish People has been opened. Let it continue with fervor. Debating topics which divide the community, is important for our tribe, viva la difference! 
While I am a deeply committed Israelist, I am a zealot-when it comes to total freedom of religious expression, understanding as many points of view as possible concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict, and one’s own interpretation of Zionism.
To my displeasure, future spiritual leaders, especially those emerging from the reform movement and defining themselves as American-liberal-Jews, in that way and in that order, focus more on fighting the orthodoxy and traditional Zionist ideology than anything else. In doing so their judgment is being clouded by liberalism for the sake of liberalism and not for the sake of Judaism. Let me make this very clear: I am not anti-Reform, but are these the Jews that are supposed to know what is best for Israel and the future of the Jewish people?
Future and current liberal Rabbis need to realize that they have a responsibility for the future success of Zionism, and the physical and spiritual safety of the Jewish state and Jewish people.
All Rabbis both in and outside of Israel, need to encourage Israelis abroad to return home, and encourage more Diaspora Jews to make Aliya. This country needs to continue to grow and blossom just as the Negev does. To do that, we need an increase in the Jewish population, rather than one that continues to remain in exile and live the cushy life.
I am not stating that all the Jews in the world need to be here. What I mean is that more Jews than what we have now need to be here, to help secure our demographics in Israel proper in the very least.  Every rabbi should be encouraging and embracing Zionism, because that is what the Jewish people need in order to secure a future for the Jewish people in the Jewish state.
You can’t make a difference when you don’t show up!
I repeat with irritation, passion, and with zealous confidence: Zionism and Judaism-Israelism-are one! If you are, or are training to become a rabbi, and don’t agree with the above statement, you may have a screw loose or two! You also probably need an expert to come and tighten it. This lack of connection with ideology shows how easy it is for even the most educated to drink the magic “cool”-aid of the new extreme anti-Israelist left.
If we are not for ourselves, who will be for us?
 Adam Scott Bellos is an Oleh Hadash and Co-founder of the Israelist movement. Follow him on twitter: @adamscottbellos  or email:[email protected]