Can an American variant of Nazism/Bolshevism be born?

The Nazism and Bolshevism were similar dictatorships created by their makers (Hitler and Lenin-Stalin) to change the human world - from the God-created human realm of various nations and communities competing with each other through trades and wars to the dictatorship of one human-god over the entire humanity. Although many Jews (and Christians) treat them differently – the Nazism with absolute disdain and the Bolshevism with a sort of hidden appreciation, both of them are murderous for the Jews (and Christians) – physically or spiritually.     

All honest people who are terrified of even a small possibility for the Nazism and Bolshevism to be resurrected have to watch two new fact-based movies on the political and social environment that created a fertile ground for the Nazis in Germany in the 1920s and for the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1910s.

These movies are

“Babylon Berlin” made in Germany at

and “The True History of the Russian Revolution” made in Russia (in the Russian language - Подлинная история русской революции) at

Analyzing the developments that brought to power the Nazism in Germany and the Bolshevism in Russia, the independent creators of the movies have come to the same conclusions on what brought to power both murderous dictatorships. The citizens’ majority in both countries had chosen the Nazis or the Bolsheviks as the antidote to moral and economic decay in their countries.

The same sequence of developments that paved the way for the Nazis and the Bolsheviks to establish their dictatorships is presented in both movies. They are the potential developments that all who are terrified of even a small possibility for something similar to the Nazism or the Bolshevism to happen in America or other democratic countries have to monitor.

1.       The Germans and the Russians were defeated in WWI, and the defeat brought, as it always does, moral and economic decay and total neglect of Judeo-Christian morality   

2.       The people were expressing their unhappiness by demonstrating in the streets of Berlin and St. Petersburg and demanding the change

3.       However, there were no political force which was able to restore the traditional Judeo-Christian morality and a relatively satisfactory pre-war material wellbeing

4.       The citizens of the two countries were desperate and began looking for the savior

5.       Many democratic political parties offered their services but it was too late – the democratic solutions require people’s consensus and a long-time patience to find possible compromise which might be satisfactory for the majority  

6.       There were neither consensus or patience  

7.       Then, two villains with a maniacal idea of remaking the entire world – the Nazis and the Bolsheviks – offered their “messianic” despotic services - and the Germans and the Russians were forced to take it  

Nowadays all democratically minded Judeo-Christian people have to be aware it might happen here in America if we do not stop our current social/political destructive confrontation. Some observers find many similarities between what a century ago was in Germany and Russia and what we observe these days in America.

1.       A year ago, the American Big Government of the two political establishment parties was defeated. The establishment, which is a very powerful force in America, is in moral and economic distress.  Could the defeated forces mount the social and political disruption that accelerates the moral and economic decay?

2.       The defeated forces are demonstrating in the streets of Washington, New York and other American cities, in some cases disrupting the normal life

3.       There is no strong political force in the country capable to restore the Judeo-Christian moral normality – the Democratic party is captured by the Radical Left and the Republican party has lost its founding principles

4.       In the last elections, the Americans elected Donald Trump to be a sort of savior while a very strong and powerful minority despises him

5.       There is no powerful political force looking for a compromise – everybody is looking for a final victory over an adversary

6.       There is no consensus or patience  

7.       ???