Judeo-Christian superiority vs. “white racial superiority”

YES to Judeo-Christian superiority – NO to white racial superiority!

Any civilization, any country, any nation and even any community has a unique set of founding values that all members cherish and live by. The dismemberment of this foundation (or the lack of it) always lead to the death of a civilization, a country, a nation, or a community.

The Soviet Union deceased when its moral-value foundation (Soviet-style Communist dogmas) died. The lack of strong common moral values between UK and other European countries led to Brexit. Many countries of Africa and Middle East are just political formalities – various tribes in those countries are fighting each other since the tribes have their own moral values while their countries do not. 

Our Western Civilization as a whole and American (USA) Civilization as a unique part of the Western Civilization were established on Judeo-Christian moral values. It does not matter that many of us view our civilization differently as atheistic, secular, religious, democratic, etc. - we are all together as a nation because we have one set of Judeo-Christian Torah/Bible-guided fundamental moral values.

American majority believe our Judeo-Christian values (in our Torah/Bible-guided interpretation) are superior over other values. They are superior only for us – not for other peoples.

The Muslims believe in superiority of their moral values, and they are right – for them, their Sharia-based values have to be superior. We in the Judeo-Christian civilization are trying to demonstrate the superiority of our moral values peacefully in hope that they the Muslims may see it and begin – slowly, step-by-step – making the changes to their values. The problem with Muslims is not that they believe in superiority of their values. The problem with them is they want to impose forcefully on us their values.

The Russians believe in superiority of their moral values, and they are right - for them, their government-should-take-care-of-everything values have to be superior. The problem with Russians is that the historic Russian expansionist policies brought under their rule many freedom loving peoples with the moral values that are adversary to the Russian values.    

Thus, the belief in our American Judeo-Christian superiority is necessary to preserve our way of life and our civilization form declining.

That is a historic fact that predominantly white men and women had created our Judeo-Christian civilization. The white men and women who created our civilization, they created it not out of hate for non-white people or to denigrate the others – we created this Judeo-Christian civilization to elevate spiritually ourselves, to create a better world for everybody, not to hate the others.

If it is so, then why the anti-Judeo-Christian crowd is using the slogan “white racial superiority” to denigrate us the Judeo-Christian people?

This slogan is a weaponry in their hands to defeat the Judeo-Christian concept of us being make equal individuals independently of race and social/economic status (in the image and likeness of God) by numerous unequal groups believing that they are unequal because of the others and therefore hating the others.

Why the anti-Judeo-Christian crowd needs all that?

Their human leaders whose ultimate goal is to become a sort of human gods lead this crowd.

The leaders understand clearly that they cannot become the leaders of all people since the majority still cherish the Ten Commandments and do not want to have “other gods” instead the One God as the Supreme Power above us the humans. Therefore, anti-Judeo-Christian leaders are trying to split the nation into many “unequal groups oppressed by the others” and the chief culprit among the others are the whites (the white privilege!) and the Jews among them (the Jews are super-privileged among the whites!).

Unfortunately, only about one third of us the Jews on the side of Judeo-Christian majority. The rest of the Jews are, most probably without realizing it, on the side of the anti-Judeo-Christian troops thus providing more anti-Semitic ammunition.