The true spiritual meaning of “Intelligence Superpower” of Israel

From the news media:
Amid continuing tensions with the White House and concern about diplomatic isolation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underlined the importance of “bridge building” with countries both near and far. Netanyahu described Israel's strategy of seeking alliances around the world not as a replacement for that with the U.S., but in addition. "What we see in the world is that the strong survive; the weak do not survive. And the strong build alliances." Israel was building alliances based on the fact that it is an "intelligence superpower." The intelligence Israel has provided other countries prevented a number of attacks around the world, he said.
That is true - the intelligence Israel has provided other countries prevented a number of attacks around the world. However, that is not the whole story and even not the most important one.
By definition, intelligence is capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.
And using her God-given capacity to learn and understand the very reason for our world creation (the God-assigned role of the Chosen people to help the others to build a better world for everybody), Israel has indeed become the Intelligence Superpower in helping the others to build a Torah-guided better world for everybody.
And the irrefutable evidence of this Israel’s role in the world – the role of Intellectual Superpower in helping the world to build a better world for everybody – are the Israel’s achievements in building the scientific foundation of this world.
Indeed as recorded by and by many other objective observers,
• Israel has set itself the goal of becoming a light unto the nations: in the early years of the state Israeli founded the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Center for International Cooperation, as a vehicle to share Israel’s creative solutions with the rest of the developing world
• Israel is the startup nation for the entire world. She is exporting far more than just technology. It is also sharing its experience and skills in a whole range of humanitarian and environmental fields to help people everywhere live better
• Israel helps many countries reduce greenhouse emissions, increase food production and return to “normal” after catastrophic natural disasters
• Israel develops advanced internet and energy technologies, which are critical for the contemporary better world for everybody
• Israel is proving that the individual freedoms could go “hand-in-hand” with a strong unified society
• Israel is finding the ways of avoiding wars in the most hostile and war-prone part of the world around Israel
• Israel is the chief protector of Judaism that laid down the foundation of Christianity and Western Judeo-Christian Civilization.
Indeed, Israel is an Intelligence Superpower not only in providing the other countries with the information, which prevents a number of terrorist attacks around the world – Israel is an Intelligence Superpower in helping to build a better world for everybody.