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Dollar trading at record high since the beginning of 2022

The Euro weakened by about 1% against the shekel, as did the British pound, amid concerns about the weakness of the European market due to the war in Ukraine.


Want a successful business? It’s all about networking - interview

Networking expert Gil Petersil supplies valuable advice on changing economies, the future of crypto and how to succeed in a more difficult market.

Israel Elections: Politicians identify cost of living as key issue

POLITICAL AFFAIRS: Heading toward November, the most pressing issue for many Israelis is the high cost of living – and politicians are paying attention.

Israel’s economy holding up despite 'perfect storm' of bad news

The war in Ukraine, global inflation, and world stock markets plummeting, together with domestic hurdles, are now testing Israel.


The deficit is fine, but what about inflation? - analysis

One of the primary battles being fought in Israel’s economic arena is the war on the increasing cost of living.

Will Israel's government be brought down by bread? - opinion

Many point to the hametz crisis as the catalyst which brought this coalition government to its knees. Yet, I argue this should be looked at through a wider lens.


Israel, UAE finalize historic free-trade agreement

This is the first such financial treaty between the Jewish state and an Arab one in the Middle East.

Is the government’s cost of living plan any good? - analysis

Prime Minister Bennett held a joint press conference to explain his plan to reduce the cost of living in Israel, with experts weighing in on the potential of the plan to address rising prices.

  Woman puts on makeup

Israeli-owned IL MAKIAGE beauty company valued at $1.5b after fundraising round

IL MAKIAGE is a consumer-tech company which builds and scales digital-first brands to disrupt the offline-dominated beauty industry.

Israel’s blossoming financial sector

“The coronavirus really had a positive effect in our sector,” said Langermann, co-founder and co-CEO of Mor Langermann, one of the leading investment banking firms in Israel.

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