“Trump the savior”? – Regrettably, that is true

“Trump the savior”? – Regrettably, that is true. Why it is true and why regrettably?
It is true since America now needs a savior indeed to save it from the political and social conversion she is undertaking – the conversion from the founding principles of the free-market economy and small government to a huge all-intrusive government and heavily regulated economy.
It is regrettable since America was not supposed to be in the state of such conversion – our founding Judeo-Christian principles had to prevent even a possibility of such country’s transformation.
What happened? The transformational conversion had begun then when we the people allowed the government to become a much-much better employment opportunity than that in the private sector.
At the very beginning over two hundred years ago, the leaders of the government were a relatively wealthy people who did not need the government money to support their life style and families, and ordinary government workers have their salaries at the level of salaries of those who worked in the private sector. The government was relatively small - 5-15% of GNP - and no special monetary incentives to work for the government existed. The major role of the government was to provide safety and security for ordinary people to organize their family and community life as well as economic activities in accordance with their beliefs within the framework of common Judeo-Christian tradition on which the country was established.
The result? – The best in the entire world spiritual and material wealth for a typical individual and the entire nation – the dream and the envy of the entire world. The nation was in excellent physical and mental health.
Then about a hundred years ago, the country had begun transforming itself away from the founding principles of the free-market economy and small government to a huge all-intrusive government and heavily regulated economy, and now this process is accelerating. Below are major steps of this fatal transformation process.
• The government solidified its taxation power and using this power made the work for the government a very profitable employment - the era of professional politics for personal enrichment had begun
• Nowadays an average government employee has about two times greater earnings (salary, vacations, health insurance, retirement funds, job security) than an average employee in the private sector
• Nowadays a leading government official has much greater earning opportunities by helping create government regulations favoring certain private companies that provides this official with hidden and not so hidden financial rewards from those private companies
• To secure their uninterrupted “employment” with the government, the leading government officials provide though the legislative process the free “goodies” for various groups of current and future citizens as incentives to reelect them again and again (welfare, unemployment benefits, education, home mortgages, roads and infrastructure, immigration preferences, etc.) – all that in the past were supported and done by private investment and charity - that brought the replacement of Judeo-Christian legislative morality by god-like-government-imposed legislative morality
• Nowadays, altogether all levels of government consume 55-60% of GDP – a gigantic increase from the original 5-15% - that put the country on the road to a European-type socialism
• And now is a proper time to remind how Winston Churchill was comparing the capitalism with its individual freedoms and free-market economy to the socialism with its dictatorial government power: The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.
Thus, America was not supposed to do all that – our founding principles had to prevent even a possibility of such country’s transformation – but she has done it!
That is why we – we who immigrated to America not for equal sharing the miseries but for unequal sharing the blessings - need indeed the “Trump the savior”.
From the news media:
An American conservative radio commentator:
“It’s a matter of survival,” he said, before adding: “There’s a war coming in this country. They’re not taking my gun and they’re not taking any more of my money. I’ve had enough of this crap and I don’t think I’m alone. I think that Donald Trump represents the last great savior of western civilization. Let me be very clear, there’s a battle for western civilization going on now. You’ve got world civilization, you’ve got Islamic supremacy and you’ve got those attacking white people around the globe.”
That is true – the Trump (or any other Trump minded and able person) victory may help save not only an original great USA but the Western Judeo-Christian civilization as well.
From the news media:
A Hindu fringe group celebrated the 70th birthday of Donald Trump in the Indian capital yesterday, calling the US presidential contender the "saviour of humanity" who could end the global threat posed by Islamist militants.
About 20 members of the far-right Hindu Sena, or Hindu Army, held the festivities as Americans grieved over the deaths of 49 people in the country's worst-ever mass shooting.
"Trump has said Muslims should be banned from entering America. Everyone should support that," said Hindu Sena leader Vishnu Gupta, whose group is known more for its publicity stunts than for having any meaningful support. Donning red and blue paper hats, activists gathered at a stall on a Delhi road to pledge their allegiance to Trump, saying they counted on Trump to contain India's neighbour Pakistan.
That is true – the Trump (or any other Trump minded and able person) victory may help save not only an original great USA but the other civilizations which are threatened by Islamist invasions as well.
From the new media:
Trump’s savior mission is similar to the Brexit’s savior mission:
When Britain voted to leave the European Union, dairy farmer Robert Martin was distraught. Generous E.U. subsidies were helping sustain his farm on an emerald-grassed patch of the English countryside. Goodbye Europe meant goodbye cash.
“We didn’t have a plan B,” he said.
But where he once saw catastrophe, Martin now sees opportunity. The break with Europe means Britain must completely rewrite its trade, industrial and agricultural policies. And many, including farmers, industrial leaders and politicians, see a chance to press the national government to do something it has largely resisted in the era of globalization: step in to support domestic business.
The push is suddenly setting up Britain, the nation that sparked the Industrial Revolution, as a battleground of ideas over how and whether to right the wrongs of globalization.
“We can preserve this,” Martin said, gesturing toward his cows grazing languidly by a babbling brook. “Import substitution. Buying British. We turned away from it, but we have an opportunity now.”
It looks like, British dairy farmer Robert Martin speaks for the American majority.