Who are Jews who hate Jews and Israel?

The real Jews cannot hate Jews and Israel by definition. The Jews and Israel are hated by fictitious Jews who are hiding their anti-Semitism by claiming they are real Jews, or by misguided Jews who wrongly belief they are making the world a better place for everybody by fighting against some “Jewish misdeeds”.
The real Jews are those who – being born or not to a Jewish family – have their children and grandchildren grown Jewish in all available ways – orthodox, reform or secular. The fictitious Jews can be recognized by the absence of their own Jewish family even if they were born to a Jewish family.
From the news media:
By FrontPage magazine:
The Jews of Color Caucus (JOCC) was founded as a partner organization of Jewish Voice for Peace. The latter, which was established two decades ago, is a proudly socialist group that supports widespread divestment from Israel as a means of crippling the Jewish state economically, as punishment for the “apartheid” policies it supposedly imposes on the Palestinian people. Like Jewish Voice for Peace, JOCC divides the world into neatly defined categories of oppressors and victims. The oppressors are white Americans and Israeli Jews; the victims are black Americans and Palestinian Arabs. The U.S. and Israel alike, says JOCC, are awash in “state-sponsored racism” against blacks and Palestinians, respectively. Having “witnessed our cultures destroyed and appropriated in service to the white supremacism and settler militarism that are at the basis of Zionism,” JOCC has no tolerance for “centrist” Jews who fail to embrace the organization's uncompromising anti-American, anti-Israel message.
The people who view the human world through the lenses of “oppressors and victims” are not spiritually Jewish – those who are spiritually truly Jewish view the human world through the lenses of “human equality and equal opportunities” in the spirit of the Torah and of “God created everybody in His own image” as equals. Who are those fictitious Jews who together with some non-fictitious Gentiles are trying to convince everybody that we live in the world, which consists of “the oppressors” thriving on “the victims”? Most probably, they were born to Jewish families. However, again most probably, they were brought up in a non-Jewish, near anti-Semitic environment where the notion of all human ills coming from the devilish Jews was instilled in them. The result? – “Jewish voice for peace”, an organization based on the belief that the Jews are fermenting upheavals to obtain power in the post-upheaval arrangements (that is one of characteristic anti-Semitic beliefs). Of course, these people hate America and Israel as well because these two countries are fighting against anti-Semitism and are the symbol of the triumph of Judeo-Christian - one may say, pro-“Semitic” – morality. How to handle them? – Just stop calling them Jewish and treat them as a part of a “normal” anti-Semitic crowd.
From the news media:
By Michael Laitman in Jerusalem Post:
No other country must defend against its own people’s passion to destroy it. The world hates us because we hate each other. Let’s simply stop.
When the State of Israel was established, shortly after the end of World War II, the overwhelming majority of Jews were overjoyed. They were filled with hope for a safer future after the atrocities of the Holocaust. In the eyes of the world, the Jews were perceived as a tiny, persecuted nation that deserved to live in peace in its own country like any other nation.… In the current zeitgeist, a great many Jewish people living in the Diaspora are either overtly or covertly anti-Israel. Sidney and Max Blumenthal, Noam Chomsky, and even Bernie Sanders … are prominent examples of Jews engaged in anti-Israel activities. But perhaps the archetype of Israel-hating is billionaire, George Soros. Mr. Soros spends millions of his own money each year to support anti-Israel organizations and pressures the American government to support the supposed “victims” of Israel.
The Jews do not hate each other – they compete with each other for better understanding of God’s Torah guidance for Jewish mission of the Chosen in this world. They are trying to figure out how to better “Serve God” by building a better world for everybody and helping the others to do the same. And Israel is a shining example of building a better world in one small in size but great in spirit place for one small in size but great in spirit people.
I have been following many Jewish events in America related to Israel and have never observed any anti-Israel feelings, and that is true for all Jewish communities – Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Secular. American Jews are divided on support of certain Israeli policies, in particular on Iran, Palestinians, settlements, not-Orthodox movements in Israel. However, those disagreements are not the hate of Israel – they are healthy spiritual and policy disagreements in the search of finding a Jewish way in everything. The tiny Jewish sects Neturei Karta and Satmars who do hate the State of Israel but they are so unimportant that nobody pays attention to their views.
Who may hate the other Jews are the ultra-Orthodox Jews who believe that all not-ultra-Orthodox Jewish religious streams are deviant from the Torah-guidance and are “true God’s enemies”. However, their hate is spiritual and not directed against the State of Israel.
From the news media:
By Joseph Telushkin in Tablet:
Black Lives Matter and Self-Hating Jews. The BLM movement is spreading the libel that the Jews of Israel practice genocide. Self-hating Jews [who are joining BLD movement], once again, poison whatever they touch. … One of the most famous such figures was the iconic Jewish communist Rosa Luxemburg, who when approached to denounce anti-Jewish pogroms, responded with this heartwarming declaration: “Why do you come to me with your special Jewish sorrows? I cannot find a special corner in my heart for the ghetto. I feel at home in the entire world wherever there are clouds and birds and human tears.”
With Jewish communists like Rosa Luxemburg, the situation is different. She is among thousand and thousand Jews who were trying to overthrow - at the beginning of the 20th century - the democratically elected governments of European countries (even in the post-Czarist Russia when a first democratic government was elected) to replace them by communist dictatorship. Those Jewish communists were not self-hating Jews – they were a sort of proud Jews who were trying to build a better world for everybody, including Jews and Gentiles. Unfortunately for the world of the early 20th century, the Jews were not educated in the type of the Bible-guided better world that the Jews were supposed to promote – the only one type was at hand, and that was a communist anti-Bible type. The secular Jews of that time, like Rosa Luxemburg and many Jewish communists in Russia were rather naïve Jewish secular dreamers.