The tale of the Saltan by Stanislavsky Opera House in Tel Aviv Opera House

The Israeli opera hosts Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera The Tale of the Saltan based on Pushkin’s poem. The opera will premiere on Friday May 4th after Don Carlo.

The Tale of the Saltan is a magical tale of three sisters with three wishes.  The opera is a production of the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenki Opera House from Moscow. The opera is based on the poem by Pushkin, written in 1893. It was turned into a legend in 1900 with music of Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov. It is one of the famous and well-known works of art in Russia, featuring the haunting melody of the light of the bumblebee. The Israeli children chorus Efroni will join the opera in this show. It is sung in Russian (with English and Hebrew surtitles) and is two hours long.

The Tale of the Saltan - photo courtesy of the operaThe Tale of the Saltan - photo courtesy of the opera
The Tale of the Saltan - photo courtesy of the opera

Don Carlo that is still featuring these days in the Israeli Opera House in Tel Aviv is a shortened version by Giancarlo del Monaco. Cleary, it was a challenge to adapt it to today’s audience by making a shorter version. There was much criticism about this move because some important parts were removed, throwing the audience almost straight into the plot swirl without a proper introduction. That did compromise the integrity of this production, yet, Gustabo Porta’s singing was marvelous and a pleasure throughout the show, and he won the appreciation of the audience.


The Tale of the Saltan, 4.5-13.5.2018

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