Three ethnic restaurants that will take you abroad for an evening – no airline ticket required

 Three restaurants in Tel Aviv area that will take you abroad for an evening: Ewa Safi to Morocco, Tash & Tasha to Georgia and Bombyx Mori to the Silk Road. The decor, the ambience and food will take you to an evening journey - no airline ticket required! These restaurants are reasonably priced.
Tash & Tasha - Georgia
Tash & Tasha restaurant, decorated like a rural Georgian house built with cobble stone and Georgian artifacts serves traditional Georgian food that is adapted to the Israeli with excellent traditional plates like Khachapuri and Khinkali but also seafood.
The best time to come to Tash & Tasha is when Tash, the owner, who is a singer, performs. And this happens quite often. Tash sings happy Georgian modernized songs, of the kind that will make you get up and dance. Together with two Georgian dancers you can expect a real party that will make you feel like you left Tel Aviv. Alternatively, take advantage of the lunch deal.
Tash & TashaTash & Tasha
Information: Tash & Tasha, 31 Beit Eshel, Jaffa, 03-677-1371, Not Kosher
Ewa Safi - Morocco
Ewa Safi is located in the heart of the white city of Tel Aviv in a beautifully preserved house. The interior is colorful and Moroccan music plays in the background. This music gets louder later in the evening, when the younger generation packs the place, a popular spot for birthdays and other celebrations.
The food is traditional Moroccan but often not as spicy; the Tajin tastes like heaven – not to be missed!
Ewa SafiEwa Safi
Information: Ewa Safi, Hashahar 8, Tel Aviv, 054-253-3348, Kosher
Bombyx Mori – The Silk Road
This restaurant is a bit off Tel Aviv, in an eastern suburb - the nearby city of Kiryat Ono. When you enter this restaurant it is like you are in a tropical cave, the décor is quite unusual and it goes all the way to the restrooms!
The food is quite diverse – from Persian, Chinese, and Thai, to Indian and Japanese. There’s something for everyone and it is an experience to all the senses!
Bombyx MoriBombyx Mori
Information: Bombyx Mori, 35 Shlomo Hamelech, Kiryat Ono Mall. 03-508-8999, Not kosher.