What would you do if this happened in your country?

On July 14, two Israeli police officers (members of Israeli Druze community) were shot and killed by terrorists.
Metal detectors and security cameras were installed in order to heightened security measures.
In addition, heightened security measures obviously were an excuse to make riots in Jerusalem.
According to the Red Crescent; ninety-six people were wounded in clashes with police.
Furthermore, I wonder who could be against heightened security system.
Two officers were killed by three Arab citizens of Israel; however Israel was condemned because of installation of metal detectors which have been removed.
What would you do if this happened in your country?
Would you say “no” to security measures, additionally, would it be fine to do nothing in order to prevent another terror attack?
People who were protecting civilians were murdered.
On July 21, during Shabbat meal terrorist stabbed three Israelis to death; a monthly check will be sent to this terrorist by the Palestinian Authority.
Nevertheless, Israel was condemned because of heightened security system; on the contrary, world is silent when Palestinian Authority support terror acts by sending checks to murders.
Henceforth, Palestinian Authority prefers to invest money in terrorism than in building schools or hospitals.
On July 21 Synagogue in Turkey was targeted in demonstrations against Temple Mount security system.
On July 23, two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel; IDF responded by targeting Hamas installations.
On July 24 in Petah Tikva a terrorist stabbed male victim; 32-year-old Arab-Israeli. According to his words he did it for Al Aksa.
What would you do if this was happening in your country?
Would you be against security measures? I don’t think so.
Murdering innocent civilians, police officers or soldiers will not give any contribution to peace.
Hence, I still believe that one day peace will come.
Israel respect rights of all minorities, respects peaceful liberty, respects freedom of worship, hence, those who live in Israel should respect its existence.
Thereupon, Israel has initiated Operation Good Neighbor.
According to sources, IDF provides civilian aid, medical aid and infrastructural assistance.
I am proud that Israel was not watching a severe crisis in Syria without helping the innocent people.
“In any society fanatics who hate don’t hate only me – they hate you too. They hate everybody”.
- Ellie Wiesel
If we chose to become indifferent, we indirectly support hate.
We should not generalize ever any people, henceforth we should be brave enough to provide facts, tell the truth, because the truth is the only way to conduct peace.