Who is violating democratic rights? Making environment safe is not an act of “violating democratic rights” it is an act of protecting human lives.

In order to conduct peace you have to admit historical facts.
Henceforth, denying certain facts is nothing but supporting bloodshed which had happened.
In my previous blog: “What would you do if this happened in your country?” I was writing about tragic events which were happening this July in Israel.
However, I have mentioned that Israel was criticized about its security system.
To be more specific: “Turkish President Erdogan has accused Israel for violating democratic rights over Temple Mount row.”
“I call on the international community to take action in order to ensure that all restrictions on the freedom of worship at Haram al-Sharif be removed immediately”, Turkish President Erdogan emphasized.
Markedly, I have written that metal detectors were installed and after removed, the reason of security system installation is the fact that three terrorists have killed two Israeli police officers which were members of Druze community.
Accusations that Israel is “violating democratic rights” are more than cynical.
Israel is a country which is more than 3000 years old.
Additionally, Israel is a country where freedom of worship is permitted and respected, however it is good to have on mind a fact that Al- Aqsa is built on the place where The Second Temple stood before.
As a matter of fact, Israel respects rights of minorities and freedom of worship, hence, Israel is obligated to protect civilians.
It is irony that Turkish president accused Israel for violating democratic rights.
I am going to point out three main facts:
1. Anatolian, Pontic Greeks and Armenians were victims of a Turkish genocidal  project. Why? Because they were minority.
According to sources in period between 1914 to 1923, more than 3.5 million Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians were brutally murdered in genocidal project in which Kemal Ataturk had participated Turkey has not recognized genocide!
Who is violating rights? Denying historical facts is an act of violating human rights.
2. Occupation of Northern Cyprus:
Turkish military invasion on Northern Cyprus was lunched on 20 July 1974. The invasion was named as Operation Atilla.
Turkey is the only country that recognizes TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) when it declared independence in 1983.
Who is violating democratic rights?
Occupying others territory is an act of violating human rights.
No, Israel cannot be an occupier in its own land, the land which is older than those who claim that it belongs to them.
The fact of the matter is that if you want peace, you have to deal with past.
3. Hagia Sophia or Blue Mosque which is located in Constantinople (Istanbul) has security system. I have never been in Turkey but I have seen on certain videos that there are metal detectors at the entrance of Hagia Sophia (Blue Mosque).
Making environment safe is not an act of “violating democratic rights” it is an act of protecting human lives.
I wrote this blog in order to remind on some historical facts which are very often forgotten.
Moreover, I wrote it because it is more than cynical that a country which respects rights of minorities is accused by those who deny historical facts.
Furthermore, I won’t write now about jailed journalists in Turkey, but I will ask, who is violating democratic rights?