Taking Pride in my EMS Family


It’s Sunday night and I am currently on my way back from a very emotional evening. I have tears in my eyes.

The evening began at the graduation ceremony of 25 new EMTs who joined the United Hatzalah family in the Tel Aviv chapter. All of the new volunteers, men and women alike are very keen on beginning their life-saving work and they are all very gung-ho. I, personally, am very excited at seeing how well the Tel Aviv branch is developing and growing in leaps and bounds.

From there I continued on my way to participate in a wedding of one of our volunteers. At the celebration I met many other volunteers, from all different walks of life, who came to celebrate with the bride and groom. Seeing everyone there gave me a true sense of the grandeur that is the family of United Hatzalah.

One of the volunteers that I bumped into at the wedding told me that he was just reintroduced to a man whose life he had saved nine years prior. The volunteer had performed successful CPR on the man, and that man is now also volunteering with the organization. Today they met as equals both volunteering and both saving lives.

Another volunteer told me that this is the second wedding he was at of a United Hatzalah volunteer in the previous two weeks. The first, was the wedding of a volunteer who is not so well off financially and did not have money to furnish the apartment that he and his new bride would be living in. The entire chapter got together as well as other volunteers, and they furnished the couple’s house as a wedding gift to the volunteer.

This is what it means to be a part of the United Hatzalah family, and this is why I have tears in my eyes, on my drive home tonight.

I am so proud to be a part of this organization.  

- The author of the above is Eli Pollack CEO of the Israelife Foundation and a Volunteer EMT with United Hatzalah.