A Light unto all the Nations

In 2005 a team of Christians traveled to Israel to join the Jewish people at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount to pray for eight hours each day for that entire year asking G-d to make peace in Jerusalem and seeking His protection for the tiny Jewish state. Soon another Christian prayer team will arrive at the Western Wall again praying for eight hours each day for blessings to be upon Israel and her people; the people G-d Himself calls the “apple of His eye.”
In reading the Book of Psalms in the Bible, it’s interesting to discover that so many of the Psalms include prayers to G-d for the peace of Jerusalem and the Israel of that day. Though penned long ago, they sound as if they were written for today. In the days of the Psalmist David, Jerusalem was obviously in some peril and surrounded by enemies. David continually begs G-d to keep his country safe and free.
Each day hundreds and even thousands of Israeli men and women go to the Western Wall to pray. If you ask them what they are praying for they will tell you, “For our country, for G-d to keep us safe so that we can live with our families and communities in peace.”
Christians stand with the Israeli people in these prayers. We also plead with our G-d, whom we acknowledge to be the G-d of Israel, to keep the lone Jewish nation strong, free and prosperous.
It’s amazing to review how G-d has fulfilled His Biblical prophecies concerning Israel over the past centuries. The Jewish people were dispelled from their own country and dispersed around the world in the first century as punishment for worshiping idols and for their rebellion against the terms of the special covenant G-d made with them as His chosen people. But G-d, as He said He would, helped the Jewish people to retain their identity and He eventually brought them back to their ancient homeland. And 68 years ago, in 1948, He restored their ancient nation.
G-d promised through His Biblical prophets that He would bless the restored nation of Israel causing it to flourish and promising that they would never again be removed from off their land which is their rightful, G-d given, inheritance. G-d also said that, "The desert would blossom as the rose," and Israeli agriculture today is a marvelous development. The same is true of Israeli industry, its economy and its government. In so many ways, Israel is definitely a miracle nation.
Christians the world over rejoice with the Jewish and Israeli people over what G-d has done for Jerusalem and for all the land of Israel and her people. G-d has truly blessed Israel but the best is yet to come. The Bible says Israel will one day be a light unto all the nations and The L-rd will rule and reign from Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel.