Iran has to be laughing all the way to their nuclear facilities after having deceived Obama  and the “great satan” America.  Ironically the P5+1, the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany  (five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) have cemented a deal to satisfy virtually every demand put forth by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, through his mouthpiece Rouhani, in order to get them to agree to halt their nuclear proliferation. Unfortunately, Iranians (Muslims) are not morally bound by their spoken word or signature.  Why, because Muslims are allowed to deceive, lie and pursue any means to accomplish their goals according to the Koran.  This has been proven over and over again by Iran who has consistently broken their agreements.

The surprisingly naïve deal struck with Iran by the international community spurred on by Secretary Kerry, President Obama’s mouthpiece, commits Iran to halt its nuclear activities for six months in exchange for limited and gradual sanctions relief.  What were they thinking (or not thinking)?  Let’s face it, the only reason Iran is even interested in talking to the United States is because they are feeling the pain from the pressure being applied on their economy thanks to the sanctions.
While Mr. Obama hailed the deal as putting substantial limitations on the Iranian nuclear program, it was incredibly naïve for him to state that, “For the first time in a decade we have halted the progress of Iranian nuclear program.”  Truth be told (and it MUST be told), we have NOT halted the progress of the Iranian nuclear program and it seems Israel is the only country in the world whose leader has not been duped into believing this fantasy.
Following the “deal” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly and rightfully criticized the agreement saying that the international community is giving up too much to Iran for virtually nothing in return.  Netanyahu called the agreement “an historic mistake” and even the president of France, a member of the P5+1, recognized it as a bad deal calling it a “sucker’s deal.”  Speaking to the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem, Netanyahu stated that the world has now become “a more dangerous place.”  He is absolutely correct and he has been warning the world but his words seem to have fallen on deaf ears.
The fact is that for years Iran has been illegally, and very busily, building an enormous nuclear infrastructure and a stockpile of enriched uranium which experts around the world agree far exceeds anything needed for peaceful purposes.  While Iran’s existing uranium stockpile is classified as “low-enriched” uranium, it is known that Iran’s current nuclear infrastructure is more than adequate to enrich to weapons grade in only a few months.  
All who signed on to the agreement with Iran seem to be ignoring the fact that for Iran to have succeeded in reaching their current nuclear capability level, they directly and boldly violated International Atomic Energy Agency and Security Council resolutions.  In short, they broke the law and they broke their word.  With weaker sanctions, Iran is in a much stronger position, so where is their incentive to comply with any agreement? Obviously, there is none and it seems Israel is the only country not willing to succumb to Iran’s demand that it be their way or no way.
In reality, Iran desires only to buy time in order to achieve the capability to wipe Israel off the face of the earth followed by the United States.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, if it becomes necessary, he is willing to take military action against Iran because “Israel has the right and the duty to defend itself.”  Gee, President Obama, what about US?  Despite how the spin doctors are reporting the deal, Iran is still very much on its way toward nuclear weapons capability and it is conceivable this may happen within the six month window even though Iran has agreed to open itself to inspections.  Iran fooled the inspectors before and they can (and will) do it again.  If Iran secures a nuclear weapon, there will be no more bargaining power left in the world.  The world will be at the mercy and whim of a radical Muslim rogue regime which is bound by its dark and twisted religious beliefs to destroy Israel and America and all who do not worship their god, Allah.
Strangely in all of this Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations have remained conspicuously quiet about the deal but there remains a deep concern that the agreement is not the answer and that Iran will achieve its nuclear goal sooner rather than later.
The parties included in the P5+1 are either blind or have a hidden agenda which, in President Obama’s case, could be to salvage his legacy by deflecting criticism from his domestic troubles such as the failing Obamacare debacle, a sagging economy, a runaway budget and high unemployment, a deteriorating relationship with the U.S. Congress, the criminal deception surrounding Benghazi, or the illegal actions of the Internal Revenue Service, to name only a few possibilities.  
Secretary of State John Kerry has desperately wanted to make a name for himself for a very long time and he is, indeed, making a name for himself but it is not very positive or flattering.  Kerry failed to make any positive impact on the Syrian civil war or any solid progress on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process despite numerous visits to the Middle East.  Kerry needed something positive on his record and he may have thought that making a deal with Iran would be his ticket.  
President Obama, Secretary Kerry and others threw caution and better judgment to the wind by entering into any deal with Iran without demanding, as urged by the U.S. Congress, that Iran dismantle significant portions of its nuclear infrastructure and eliminating a significant portion of its enriched uranium and all with openness and transparency and with verifiable results (which will never happen).
There is absolutely no reason why anyone should believe that Iran will keep its word in this agreement or any other.  The Koran authorizes lies and deception if it achieves their desired outcome, this fundamental Islamic truth should have been the starting point and foundation from which any “deal” with Iran is crafted.  What we have instead is a one-sided agreement and Iran is the winner.  Easing sanctions removed any incentive Iran had for concluding an agreement that is worth even a grain of salt to Israel or the United States.  Israel rightly knows she must prepare for a worst-case scenario, a nuclear Iran.  May God (not Allah) help us all.