America - One Nation under G-d or under Allah?

In traveling the southeastern region of the United States over the past fifteen years, I have witnessed an increasing presence of women wearing Islamic headscarves as well as full hijab head coverings.  This is evidence of an ever-growing number of Muslim residents and an increase in the religious practice of Islam in the U.S.  Apparently America’s melting pot culture is alive and well however the idea is to blend together in harmony and not have one element striving to dominate the others and herein lies the danger.   The goal of Islam is to dominate.  Muslims have infiltrated American society and there has been a rapid underground increase in the presence of militant Islamists within U.S. governmental entities and TSA is but one example.

I have personally experienced being checked through TSA security by those who were definitely Muslim as evidenced by the traditional head coverings and other religious apparel.  Is this TSA’s idea of securing America from incoming Islamic terrorists or have they concluded that America is no longer at risk?  Worse yet, are they becoming complicit?
Americans believed 9/11 to be a wake-up call for citizens and government officials to identify dangers within and beyond our shores, dangers exemplified by exploding skyscrapers that extinguished lives and evaporated the bodies of more than 3,000 precious Americans.  Yet, in the aftermath, President Bush welcomed Islamic prayer at Ground Zero.  His administration reached out to leaders of Muslim groups such as ISNA (Islamic North America) and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) to help identify differences between radical/militant Islam and ordinary, peaceful Muslim citizens.  The motive was good but the question is, “What is the result?”  Islam has one foundational goal.  Those outside the faith must convert or die.  The only difference between radical Islam and ‘peaceful’ Islam is the method by which they go about achieving this goal.  Will it be through violence and terrorism or through infiltration of our society and government patiently working at changing our laws and our culture?
A few years after 9/11, under President Bush, CAIR and ISNA were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history.  The federal government accused the Holy Land Foundation of funneling more than $12 million to Hamas.  During this trial the clandestine network of radical Islamists inside the United States was exposed; there were some 243 co-conspirators in the case.  Therefore, mainstream Islamist groups were and are connected to the radical Islamist movement.  Again, what is the goal of the radical Islamist movement?  The goal is to convert the world to Islam and to install a global Islamist “caliphate” of Muslim control.  The United States of America is their ultimate goal and their most likely key to worldwide success. 
Other Muslim Brothers have risen to positions of influence.  Presently, one of the most dangerous has very close access to President Obama.  Six years ago Mohammed Magid, president of ISNA (ISNA is an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land trial), was an unknown figure.  Today, he could be considered the top advisor on Muslim and Middle East affairs for the Obama Administration.  He advises the national security staff, the National Security Council.  He has briefed and moderated panels at CIA headquarters at Langley and the FBI has graced him with awards.  Aren’t these agencies and organizations supposed to be defending the United States and her citizens? 
The Holy Land Foundation referred to itself as a legitimate organization dedicated to humanitarian needs.  Muslim Brotherhood groups continue to operate freely today, even though federal courts have deemed them to be criminal and hostile to the United States.  There is evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has successfully infiltrated key areas of American society, including law enforcement and government. 
Befriending and welcoming women in hajibs in local malls and shopping centers indicates the workings of a free society.  This should be encouraged and is praiseworthy.  On the other hand, for a nation to welcome identified enemies behind the closed doors of power seems to be incompetent and suicidal at best.  Many are wondering why this administration gave support to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt under Morsi while withdrawing funding from the Egyptian military?  With the open presence of militant Islamists inside many of our local, state and federal governments, there are more questions than there are answers.   America is in grave danger yet we are going about our day to day business as if nothing is amiss.  We must stand against any who would try to take away our democratic way of life or change or alter our laws or our Constitution.  A movement has been underway to incorporate Sharia Law (the strictest form of Islamic law to which all Muslims must adhere) into mainstream America.  This evil must never be allowed a foothold on American soil.  Edmund Burke warned us a long time ago saying, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.”   Will you stand your ground in preserving and protecting our democratic values, our way of life, and our Constitution as purposed by our forefathers?   Or, will you sit by and watch as America is changed and transformed from the inside out?  If your preference is to be passive, you’ll soon be ordering your burka and your prayer rug.  Remember, America is the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.