Christian complacency, apathy and media bias sealed the deal for Mr. Obama




Like most Americans, I watched the United States presidential election returns on TV with great interest. I followed the results for a few hours that showed the race to be close and tight all along. Then, suddenly, the newscasters declared that President Barack Obama had won Ohio. One of the analysts (Fox’s newsman Brit Hume) made the statement, "Well, that''s the election."  Within minutes TV programmers put up a full screen statement saying, "Obama is Re-Elected!" My immediate thoughts were, "I can''t believe it!" What I had hoped for, prayed for, and expected was a very different outcome. I was overwhelmed with disappointment and disbelief. My desire as a Christian for the conservative challenger Mitt Romney to defeat the liberal incumbent president Barack Obama was shattered.
Even though Mr. Obama has declared that he is a Christian, in my judgment he has been probably the most anti-Christian president America has ever had. His list of anti-Christian declarations and actions is long. It especially includes his historically weak support for Israel and his strong support for Islamic nations and peoples (although I am thankful that he seems to be in support of Israel at this current moment as Israel is actively engaged in protecting her people against relentless attacks by Hamas militants and others). I could not believe that my nation with its predominantly Christian population could put Mr. Obama back in office.  
I could not believe that the American people could be blinded by Mr. Obama''s obvious deceit and lack of truth concerning his accomplishments in office. How is it possible that a majority of U.S. voters could overlook all of his failures during his term and still vote for the man to continue as America''s president?
People seem to have been blinded to the terrible negative developments in America''s economy as well as to the great increases in prices on gasoline, food, and every other commodity not to mention the increase in joblessness, unemployment and the staggering increase in our national debt.  Another troubling development during Obama’s first four years in office is the dictatorial ways in which he has governed by ignoring the Congress and issuing unapproved executive orders?
In foreign affairs, have the American people been blinded to the fact that America’s image has been weakened by Mr. Obama by him bowing to Muslim leaders; to his offering excuses for the actions of the United States in regard to Muslim nations; to his most recent failure to provide requested security for the U.S. Ambassador in Libya who, along with many staff members, was tortured and murdered by Muslim terrorists, then officially lying about it and covering up his failure?
And that''s not all. Don''t forget to figure in Mr. Obama''s overall coolness toward Israel, including his snubs of the Israeli Prime Minister during two of his visits to the United States, and his failure to visit Israel during all of his travels and visits as president to Muslim nations. Isn''t Israel the country that is known to be America''s number one friend and ally in the Middle East? Although Mr. Obama has made a few positive sounding statements of support for Israel, his actions speak louder than his words. Israelis know that he only made those positive statements to try to hold on to Jewish votes in the presidential election.  As I pen this Mr. Obama seems to have taken a more positive position in terms of supporting Israel’s right to self defense.  Let’s all pray his attitude continues for his entire second term in office.
Hindsight gives me so many things to think about concerning the election. Probably the main factor in this unexpected outcome as I, a Christian, see it is America''s national media bias. It is no secret that all of the mainstream U.S. television networks, with the exception of the Fox Cable News channel, were acting as cheerleaders for Mr. Obama during the election campaign. While Fox News definitely holds to more conservative views and claims the largest individual viewing audience, the audiences of the six or seven liberal networks combined greatly outnumber the audience of the one conservative network, which amounts to greater liberal influence on the voters.
According to the New York Times in an article published Nov. 12th, 2012, Mr. Obama raised more than one billion campaign dollars.  Most of that money was spent on negative TV ads trying to tear down Mr. Romney and paint him as a terrible person who would ruin America and protect only the interests of the rich. Mr. Obama could not campaign positively as a result of his negative record so he concentrated his millions on negative ads against his opponent, mainly in the dozen or so "swing states," which were deemed critical for victory. I cannot recall any previous candidate ever running such a negative presidential campaign as did Mr. Obama in all of U.S. history. And, in my opinion, his ads were dishonest and deceitful.     
As a Christian I ask myself what this election says about my country. Does it tell me something I did not know before? This presidential election has sent a loud and clear message to the international community that America can no longer be defined as a Christian nation. In my opinion the Christian values and principles which have controlled America''s governed for over two hundred years has been replaced by apathy, complacency and immorality. The American government expelled God from our public schools, kicked Him out of our colleges and universities, removed Him from our courthouses, and separated Him from our governments. America''s government has watered down our First Amendment rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech and has tried to silence Christian preachers from preaching against certain national sins.  We have installed secular humanism as our national religion and taught atheistic evolution as truth in our schools leaving no room for Creation Science to even be considered. We have allowed our national entertainment media to run roughshod over our traditional righteous values and we have honored these entertainment figures as heroes and national role models. We have legally allowed the killing of millions of unborn babies every year and we are now in the process of approving homosexual marriages. Is it any wonder why so many think we are no longer a Christian nation?  
 Additional questions Christians are asking are, “What does this election mean for America''s future? What can we expect with another four years of Mr. Obama?” I personally believe that we can simply expect more of the same ... or worse.  That is, higher inflation with higher gasoline and food prices, more taxes, more regulations, more welfare recipients, more national debt, more deceit from the White House, and more government gridlock. Oh, and let me add, more pro-Muslim activity and more anti-Christian activity.
 Mr. Obama will not be restricted by any conduct relating to running again, so he will be unhindered from boldly exercising his liberal, socialistic philosophy. Hopefully the US House of Representatives will be a strong enough deterrent to the complete dismissal of our traditional American values.
While most Christian leaders agree that God is in control, many also believe that God gives us leaders that we deserve. That is, since our society and culture have drifted so far from our traditional Christian principles and values, God will give us leaders who will fail to uphold those values. Look at the nations all around the world. Where do you see strong Christian presidents and prime ministers? Since most of the world is anti-God, so are its leaders.
So what can we Christians now do? We believe we must continue to live by our great Biblical and Godly principles and values, regardless of all opposition and difficulty. We must continue to exercise our responsibility to be "salt and light" to our societies and cultures. We must brush ourselves off and continue to fight for righteousness to exalt our nation. We must continue to faithfully love and serve our country – the country that God established and which He has blessed and prospered more than any other country in the history of mankind.
 Most importantly, we must not give up on America. We will still sing and shout, "God Bless America" which stands in stark contrast to the declaration made by Mr. Obama’s long time spiritual leader and personal family friend, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, when he openly shouted, “God D_ _ n America!”  Nothing more need be said.  This is the food of Obama’s upbringing.  Let’s pray it is not the essence of his political agenda.