Face Islam for what it really is – ‘The Religion of the Sword.’


The ugly head of Muslim terrorism has risen again and this time with the recent bombing at the Boston Marathon. At least three people were killed and more than 150 maimed or wounded in that horrifying, inhumane bomb attack. You have to wonder how anyone could be so evil minded to plan and carry out such a devastating act. But that''s Islam. That''s all part of Islamic teaching and action. 
Then, can you believe it? Catholic Bishop O''Malley tells the crowd at a hastily arranged interfaith service in Boston that Islam is not to be blamed for the Marathon massacre. He repeats the politically correct lie that Islam is really a peaceful religion. We can''t forget how then President George W. Bush made the same erroneous assessment about Islam following the devastating attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and the crash in Pennsylvania which resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 innocent Americans. How many scores of times do the Muslims have to terrorize and kill before these peace mongers believe the actual, horrifying truth?
To look at Islamic terrorism worldwide you have to start, of course, with Israel. On the very day that Israel declared its existence as a restored Jewish nation, five Arab Muslim national armies immediately set out to annihilate the new nation in its infancy but the God of Israel prevented them from succeeding. Five more times in the following years, those neighboring Muslims tried to wipe Israel out of existence, and God miraculously preserved Israel every time.
So then the Muslims switched to terrorism, sending suicide (a more precise term would be ''homicide'') martyrs into Israel to blow themselves up in crowded buses and restaurants where scores of Jewish people could be killed and maimed at one time. And we should not forget that Muslim Iran keeps threatening "to wipe Israel off the face of the map," particularly with the nuclear bombs they are developing. 
A report written recently by Robert Shortt of Great Britain states that "if something is not done soon to stem the Muslim persecution in the Middle East, Christianity may disappear from the region entirely." Shortt reports that in Iraq the Muslims have forced the number of Christians in the country to drop from 1.4 million in 1990 to fewer than 200,000 today. In Iran Muslims have routinely falsely accused Christians of blaspheming the Islamic prophet Mohammed, and they have imprisoned and tortured numerous Christian and/or driven them out of the country. Shortt''s report adds that in Egypt the Coptic Christians have faced increasing persecution since Mohammed Morsi took over as president and instituted Sharia law. Muslim leaders in Egypt are now unrelenting in their threatening and persecuting of Coptic Christians with genocide.
And don''t forget the murderous Muslim activity in Nigeria and Sudan in Africa. In northern Nigeria more than 60,000 people have died from Muslim violence, mostly Christians. Some 300 Christian churches have been burned and more than 100 Christian pastors have been put to death. In southern Sudan the same murderous activity has been taking place. Hundreds of Christian churches have been destroyed and thousands of innocent Christians have been killed but there’s more. Remember the relatively recent unprovoked Muslim terrorist bombings of a Madrid passenger train and of a London subway station. Again, dozens of innocent people were killed and hundreds were injured. 
It’s hard for me as a Christian to conceive that any people group can be so evil minded as to kill and injure innocent people all around the world yet this is exactly what the terrorists, who happen to be Muslims, are doing.  We Christians are taught to be kind to others, even to our enemies. Conversely, Muslims are taught to hate and to kill others for no reason other then they are not Muslims. The Islamic holy book, the Koran, labels all non-Muslims as "infidels," and it primarily specifies Jews and Christians. Everyone understands that the two primary targets of Islamic terrorism today are Israel and the United States. Muslims call the U.S. "the Great Satan" and Israel "the Little Satan." But their full intent, according to their Koran, is to conquer and to control the entire world. They are supposed to do it by "jihad," or holy warfare. And that''s why Islam is really (and rightly) characterized as "the religion of the sword." 
It is time that Israeli and U.S. government and religious leaders stand up and face Islam for what it really is. Since it authorizes the killing of all Jews and Christians, and since it authorizes the annihilation of Israel and the conquering of the U.S. nation, it is not just a religion, it is also a traitorous and treasonous militant ideology.  Civilized nations need to enact and enforce laws to prevent Islam from infecting our tolerant countries since it wars against our traditional freedoms and against our countries'' existence. Islam must be recognized for what it is not…it is not a peaceful religion.