Leftist Myopia Fueling Islam

The world has truly been turned upside down and inside out. It is a world in total chaos. Evil is being called good and good is thought to be evil. In a quest to be politically correct, which is really just a euphemism for willful ignorance and self-deception, we are giving Islam a wide open door and a chance to take root. The uninformed in the United States, those who have not bothered to educate themselves as to what is really happening in our country, are allowing Islam to take full advantage of this ignorance and confusion.
Leftist myopia is a problem for Israel and has become a plague in America. The US president, himself a closet Muslim, refuses to acknowledge that Islam is at the root of all terrorist acts. He refuses to use words that identify the numerous murders of innocent American civilians by those who are Muslims as being acts of terror. In fact, he and others of his kind have actually accelerated the pace of bringing in to the United States 10,000 unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees. To think ISIS operatives and other terrorists are not among those being resettled in the US is an act of willful self-deception and ignorance by those altering the immigration rules. In reality it is treason against the American people. Very few are speaking out. Are there any leaders today who are of the same caliber as those who helped build America? Where are today’s Patrick Henrys who were not afraid to proclaim, “Give me liberty or give me death?” If Islam continues to grow in America, Sharia will become the law of the land. Those of us who are not Muslim will not get liberty but we will get death.
The Orlando shooter who killed and injured close to 100 people had pledged his allegiance to ISIS. Instead of using his platform to condemn Islamic terrorism, the President of the United States once again diverted the public’s attention away from the evil of Islam. Instead he used his media time to make a case for gun control and the hampering of free speech by Americans who oppose the evil ideology of Islam.
By now it is understood by much of the world that the current American president is soft on Islam and favoring of Muslims. He has weakened America from without in countless ways one of which was the making of a horrible nuclear deal with Iran. He is also actively weakening America from within by importing Muslim refugees and spreading them throughout the United States. In a very short time these refugees will grow in number, become voters, get elected to public offices and then fundamentally change America forever. The effects if this will be felt the world over, but especially in Israel.
It is no secret that Iran, which is an Islamic nation, has developed an illicit network of suppliers operating in Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere which supplies Iran with material and equipment useful in the manufacture of ballistic missiles. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel recently spoke out warning that Iran is continuing “unabated” to build its rocket program and nuclear development technology. Both of these are direct violations of UN Security Council Resolution 2231 also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, yet we hear nothing from Iran’s friends in the White House.
The United States and the world in general are in a very dangerous place by refusing to name and admit that Islam is an insidious ideology that promotes hate and violence. As the United States moves toward the November elections, there is much at stake for which we need a leader who will give us a ‘new, clear direction’ rather than a ‘nuclear direction.’ We need a leader who is not in the business of appeasing our enemies but rather in fortifying our nation and undergirding our allies.
The United States could learn much from our Israeli friends who are unafraid to identify their foes and stand prepared to hold their ground. Freedom is not free. Many have sacrificed and paid for it with their blood. If the free world is to remain free, we must be prepared to defend ourselves and the freedoms we enjoy.