The White House has announced that Mr. Obama plans to visit Israel in late March. Everyone is wondering about the “real” reason for Obama’s visit because he has been lukewarm to cool toward Israel for a long time.  According to some conjecture, Mr. Obama’s stopover is intended for working sessions on the danger of Iranian nukes and to warn Israel not to strike Iran but instead leave the Iranian nuclear issue to the US.

Many believe, including me, that Mr. Obama wants to negotiate a divided land between Israel and the Palestinians. Perhaps even Palestinian statehood might be discussed.  His itinerary gives a strong clue as to what his plans might be and what he wishes to accomplish.  There are planned visits with not only Israel, but the PA, West Bank and Jordan as well.
Prime Minister Netanyahu says that he and Obama have agreed on three main topics to be discussed during the visit:  Iran’s nuclear program, the volatile situation in Syria and its effects on regional security, and attempts to further the peace process with the Palestinians. But, according to White House spokesman Jay Carney, “Whenever the president and the prime minister speak, and certainly every time the president speaks with Palestinian Authority leaders, these issues come up. This is not the purpose of President Obama’s visit.”

Carney further spun it in this way.  He said the visit is simply time to recognize the second starting terms of both Mr. Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Keep in mind that Carney spins the news according to Obama’s directions.  Apparently Obama doesn’t want to be transparent about his visit and doesn’t want to raise expectations or arouse suspicions.

Meanwhile, Israel National News reports, PA leaders said they are looking to Mr. Obama’s trip with hope that it “will lead to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the Palestinian lands occupied since 1967.”  So the question is who is telling the truth?  One thing is for certain. Mr. Obama is not visiting Israel to pray at the Kotel or eat falafels or stroll down Ben Yehuda Street.

It seems an attempt is underway to create a smoke and mirror screen in order to hide what I believe is the truth.  President Obama is traveling to Israel for the primary purpose of twisting Prime Minister Netanyahu’s arm until he agrees to give land legitimately belonging to Israel in exchange for the PROMISE of peace.  Apparently Mr. Obama is tired of sending his emissaries who have failed to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians just as all others before them have failed. Failure is a certain outcome when there is only one honorable party at the peace table and Israel is that honorable party.  The Palestinians have never lived up to any of their agreements or promises and Gaza is a prime example. In addition, I also believe President Obama will use his visit to Israel to try to erase the red line drawn by Prime Minister Netanyahu relative to Iran. No doubt Mr. Obama will place significant pressure on Prime Minister Netanyahu to not strike Iran but instead leave the Iranian problem to America. Of course no sovereign nation would trust their national security to a “friend” with a hidden agenda and for those who will allow themselves to see the truth; Mr. Obama has not proven himself to be a true friend to Israel.  He is a gifted orator and has fooled many into believing otherwise. Those who haven’t studied the issues and fact-checked his speeches would be inclined to believe him a friend of Israel. Israel beware! Don’t be fooled by President Obama’s skilled oratory and great big smile. In the Bible we are warned about “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”
According to Israel’s former Ambassador to the United States, Yoram Ettinger, “The March 2013 visit to Israel by Mr. Obama will indicate whether he is determined to learn from history by avoiding, or repeating, critical errors.”