Only G-d can do what G-d can do

Immediately following the savage shootings in San Bernardino, California, the New York’s Daily News churned out a front page headline which read, “God isn’t fixing this.” Photos of GOP contenders compassed the headline with each offering thoughts and prayers. To the Editor-in-Chief, the issue of gun violence was the larger issue.
The headline sparked immediate negative response in the media in the United States denouncing the offensive attack toward people of faith. This was clearly a bullying tactic by the newspaper to smear believers in G-d in order to make a case for gun control. This was not only reprehensible but showed no sensitivity toward the many families of those innocent murdered and injured victims.
As ”less than perfect” human beings, we are woefully incapable of soothing the frayed emotions of those who are terrorized, those who have lost loved ones or those suffering from physical wounds.
The larger issue here is G-d, our Creator, who can assuage our pain and bring ultimate healing. This is the reason for thoughts and prayers offered by people of faith. Only G-d can do what G-d can do, and He does it perfectly well. His is an overarching wisdom and way that goes beyond the insight any human can possess. For the time being we accept it but not just to accept it, we take action; the first act of which is prayer to Almighty G-d.
We pray to the same G-d who has overseen the rebirth of Israel, aliyah of its people and significant technological growth in the sovereign Jewish nation all in less than seventy years. In addition, G-d included a few miracles here and there. The things that only G-d can do, He will do.
So do not insult people of faith who place prayer in the forefront of everything. G-d is fixing this but we all have a part to play. Whether you like it or not, G-d is giving a chance for every person on the face of the earth to accept His wisdom and His ways that are expressed so well since the beginning of time in His Holy Bible.
When the time runs out the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will fix this once and for all. He has a plan and a purpose regardless as to whether or not it fits within the purview of an editor. As a result of prayer, the Bible records that G-d has, in times past, altered His course and changed His mind. Of course there are subsequent actions which mankind is expected to accomplish but only after prayerfully seeking G-d asking for His guidance.
“Humankind isn’t fixing this,” would be a more accurate headline since we have the responsibility to be good stewards over this world which we have collectively broken by ignoring, challenging or rebelling against G-d’s laws and we are suffering the consequences. The Bible, the oldest book on the planet, comes from G-d and spells out what is expected. It’s our guidebook for living healthy and peaceful lives. If the world would unite in the Word of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we would then be able to go a long way toward repairing some of the damage. The answer to the world’s problems is not technological, it Biblical. Lasting solutions start and end with people and prayer, not guns and violence.
Too bad many refuse to follow the path of the Bible but this is why we pray. What would the world look like if people of faith stopped praying - not repetitious prayers but heartfelt prayers? No doubt utter chaos, confusion and mayhem would be the norm. If we want to get it right, we need to honor G-d and pray faithfully. After all, it’s hard to stumble and fall when you’re on your knees in prayer.