Peace or annihilation?


Here we go again.  The international community is clamoring for the people of Israel to give up more of their God given land in exchange for what?  Peace?  Does anyone really believe that giving up this land will bring peace?
Does anyone remember their unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 for peace? Does anyone remember the Oslo Accords?  This amounted to 98% of what Arafat was demanding but he walked away. If land was all they wanted this would not have occurred. There was no peace. Just the opposite occurred.  An escalation of war ensued.  That is why if Israel gives up more land they will only place themselves at greater risk from their surrounding enemies and especially the Palestinians.
The Palestinians would have you believe that they are poor and oppressed. That they must have more land in order for their people to live happily and have suitable incomes made possible only with additional land.  That is what they want the international community to believe and they are using the international media and the United Nations to accomplish their objectives.    They want you to believe that all they want is the additional land in order to supposedly enjoy better living conditions and standards and peacefully co-exist side by side with the Jewish people.
If Israel does not give up the land for the world to see their peace efforts they will once again be blamed for all of the problems in the Middle East.  This is surely the plan of the Palestinians and all of Israel’s other enemies.  These enemies do not want the world to see and recognize their real goals.  They want to be seen as the ones “in the right.”   If Israel does give up the land, I believe almost surely war will begin for even more land and the death of more of the Jewish people.  Enemies of Israel are trying to place them in what is commonly known as a “no win” situation.  At that point the enemies will make it appear as though Israelis not trying to achieve peace but rather is instead standing in the way of peace.
What do the enemies of Israel really want?
The Palestinians are governed by Hamas.  This is the mid-east terrorist equivalent of Al Qaida.  Also they are run by Fatah which, in my opinion, is a milder version of Al Qaida.  The only difference in the two is in their appearance and methods but their goals are the same. Their real goal is the total destruction of the State of Israel, the total annihilation of the Jewish people and the taking of the land.  Do not be fooled.  These are their goals.
Remember that the State of Israel has survived and prospered since it was reborn as a nation on May 14, 1948.  The Bible says that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people “forever.”  That should never be forgotten.  Also Isaiah 54:17 should be remembered, “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.” The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob made an eternal covenant with Abraham and his descendents.  That covenant cannot be broken by man and it has never been rescinded by God. One must remember that there has been only one nation ever created by a sovereign act of God and that nation is Israel.