Releasing Terrorists Will Not Bring Peace but Will Ignite an Inferno of Terrorism

If history is correct; if the words of Prime Minister Netanyahu put forth in his writings are valid; if Mahmood Abbas’s background and actions portray his intentions; then releasing Palestinian murderers from Israeli prison will put Israel and the world in more danger, not less.  Why?  Released vengeful terrorists tend to lead and explode the flames of terrorism, not extinguish them.  Moreover, Prime Minister Netanyahu has written against the release of terrorists and the United States opposes the release of 9/11 terrorists and the Ft. Hood shooter who killed 13 soldiers at Ft. Hood.

A quick look at the facts:  The head of Israel’s security Services, Yoram Cohen, stated that over 60% of released Palestinian terrorists reverted to operational terrorism.  On May 21, 1985 (Jibril Exchange) 1,150 were released; most played a key role during the First Intifada.  What was the result of the 1993 Oslo Accord release?  More than 50% of those released between the Accord and the Second Intifada were key perpetrators.
In Terrorism: How the West Can Win, edited by Benjamin Netanyahu, 1986, the opinion put forth was that if government releases terrorists, the terrorists score a victory.  When the line of concessions is crossed, more atrocities and demands follow as a form of blackmail in response to weakness.  “The terrorist objective is not negotiation but capitulation… .”  The book opined that when citizens pressure their government to surrender to terrorism, it is a dereliction of civic duty and they should not do it.  Shouldn’t we say the same for governments that pressure governments to capitulate to terrorists?
Is Mahmood Abbas a credible negotiator?  No!  He denies the Holocaust, received his PhD from a Moscow university, and coordinated ties between the PLO and ruthless Communist regimes in East Europe.  Abbas acted as the “logistical coordinator” of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and was expelled from Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon because of subversive, terrorist activities.  Worst of all, Abbas acted as a coordinator of the Olympic Games’ “Munich Massacre.”
Abbas glorifies and raises up Palestinian bombers by naming kindergartens, schools, summer camps streets, squares, community centers and sporting events for terrorists. Therefore, former terrorists enjoy an upgraded social status and become heroes to emulate to young children even though they systematically and purposefully target civilians.  Ordinary “freedom fighters” do not seek to harm civilians.
In Abbas’s Ramallah where he controls schools, mosques and the media, students receive hate-education and incitement to violence.  Perhaps this is the most telling aspect of Abbas’ lacking of credibility as a negotiator.  While other countries may produce bombs for sale, Abbas has a perpetual production-line of suicide bombers eager to explode their terror worldwide, and especially in Israel.
What is the primary purpose of terrorism aimed at Israel?  Is it to murder people?  No.  Their goal is to totally undermine Israel’s security as a people by eroding their confidence to avert lethal threats, causing humiliation, distrust in their justice system and to make Israel’s plans for deterrence shaky.  Acts of terror inside Israel aims a wrecking ball towards her image as a strategic asset and a role model for young Palestinians.  Sweeping Israeli concessions are more easily won when there is a national weariness entrenched in the people.
“How the West can Win” clearly tells us what is important.  Confusion and vacillation caused the rise of terrorism.  Confusion and vacillation will escalate terrorism.  Terrorism invokes fear.  The antidote for fear is courage.  If Israel and the United States were to stand firmly on the foundation of truth, with breastplates emblazoned with clarity and courage, the outcome would be completely different.
Two questions:  If the United States opposes the release of their terrorists, why are they pressuring Israel to release their prisoners?  If Netanyahu argued against the release of terrorists in the recent past, why give in yet again?
Perhaps the threat of Iran’s nuclear proficiency is a clue.  Could it be that the United States has agreed to either remain silent or to support Israel in the event of an incident?