The Burqa-wearing Trojan Horse

Historically, the United States has been considered a Christian nation with a Judeo-Christian culture. Until recently, the Islamic faith was simply not part of the conversation but the tragedy of 9/11 changed this forever. Muslims are now on everyone’s radar screen. Their presence is readily noted at any public or private gathering and they are naturally viewed with a wary or suspicious eye. Is this profiling? Yes. Is it wrong? Not necessarily. While every Muslim is not a terrorist, every act of terror has been committed by a Muslim and radical Islam is on the rise. This is something Muslims may not like to hear but it’s a very natural response to the reports of terrorism we hear about in the news almost daily.
Israel has been on the front lines of the world’s war on terror for many years and so much so that they have become the world’s leading experts on safety and security. With terrorism on the rise around the world, people living in non-Muslim countries are seriously concerned about the spread of Islam. It’s virtually impossible for Westerners and those who embrace freedom and democracy to differentiate between radical Muslims and moderate Muslims as all Muslims must, by definition, embrace the teachings of Mohammad and the Koran and the Koran teaches that all non-Muslims must convert or die. To the world, ISIS or ISIL is the face of Islam because they are making news. The media always follows the trail of blood and a very large number of murders committed by Islamic terrorists are preceded by torture, slavery, kidnappings, physical violence and beheadings. Why are there no Islamic leaders speaking out with real zeal and conviction against terrorists and their despicable acts of violence? They say with their mouths that Islam is a religion of peace but do their actions match their words? No.
The media is largely responsible for the way we perceive people and circumstances. What the media tells us is often the basis from which we form our opinions. Muslim violence makes news therefore every time I see a Muslim woman wearing a head scarf or an Arab-looking man wearing some sort of an Islamic covering or sporting a full beard, my mind instantly recalls the latest report of violence perpetrated against innocent people by Muslim terrorists or an organized Muslim terrorist entity. Are there any Muslims in this world who are engaged in humanitarian efforts to help others outside of the Islamic faith? If so, they must be doing it under cover of darkness because to help an infidel is considered a sin against Allah unless trying to create a convert. Those who are ignorant of the true teachings of the Koran proclaim that Islam is a religion of peace, in my mind love and kindness are not attributes I would associate with Muslims or Islam.
There is a huge void waiting to be filled by the voices of major Islamic leaders speaking out publicly and consistently against the vicious acts of violence committed by Muslims. Without any push-back, what is the non-Muslim world to think? Moreover, the Muslim agenda seems to be more about politics and public relations than about religion. Muslims are determined to dominate every geographic area they infiltrate and if it happens to be a holy site, they cap it with a mosque then claim it as their own. This is one reason Muslims are seen as militants and not as people who are truly seeking peace and the Palestinians are prime examples.
To carry this thought further, as militant and geopolitical as they are, Muslims are colonialists and imperialists. They want geopolitical control and they want it under the aegis of Islam - both politically and religiously. Now you have an overarching imperialist state of Islam with its medieval seventh century laws populated by those who become offended by anything they don’t like. These very people who claim to be offended by such things as cartoons depicting Allah in a comical or less than holy light fail to realize what a hideous offence they are to others when they impute slavery and torture and take away the rights and freedoms of others and threaten death and annihilation to those outside the Islamic faith or inscribe death threats to Israel on the sides of bombs. It’s really not so much that they fail to realize their offense, it’s more like they are thumbing their noses at the world and daring anyone to stop them or attempt to stand in their way.
Hamas, Hezbollah, the rogue state of Iran, ISIL or ISIS, and others are evil entities yet they are the public face of Islam perhaps revealing the true nature of Islam but the world finds this hard to believe. Adherents to Islam oppose Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and this seemingly with the blessing of UNESCO.
The Palestinians are working overtime to erase all traces of Jewish history from the Temple Mount and other sites in the Holy Land precious to both Jews and Christians. It’s unbelievable that in the year 2016 the Palestinians are managing to change history right under our noses while we stand by and watch it happen. The history of Jewish attachment to the land of Israel and the Temple Mount dates back 3,500 plus years. Listening to the Palestinian (Muslim) narrative which now seems supported by UNESCO, you would think there is no Jewish connection to the patriarchal burial sites, other Jewish holy sites and the Temple Mount. Even the Kotel, also known as the Western Wall, no longer has Jewish history connected to it according to the world’s protector of education, science and culture - UNESCO.
All Christians should be outraged and take a personal stake in this redaction of history. When Jewish history and connection to the land are being challenged and erased, this affects both Jews and Christians because Judaism is the root of the Christian faith. Any affront to our Jewish roots is an affront to our Christian values and faith. It means Christian historical foundations are being trampled, undermined and destroyed.
It is high time for Christian academia and world powers to stand up for our Jewish brethren and call for an end to the rewriting of history and the unfair treatment of Israel and her people. If the Muslims want respect, they must give it in return in equal portions. If Muslims do not want to be profiled, they must stop committing acts of terror and Islamic leaders must publicly condemn those who continue with the violence of jihad. Furthermore, Muslim immigrants, whether entering the United States or elsewhere, must assimilate in to the culture of their new land and not enter with the notion to infiltrate in order to bring about change from within. Left unchecked, the burqa-wearing Trojan horse will trample upon all who embrace Judaism and Christianity and will grind the values of freedom and democracy in to the dust bin of history.