The new one state solution

Recently, a video was created by a guy named Andrew Klaven for Pajamas Media with a new take on the One State solution which they claim will bring “tranquility, freedom and justice” to the whole Middle East: Turn it all into one big Israel.
Klaven is an author and outspoken American conservative. He is pretty fascinating in that he is highly political and yet has just had a romantic comedy optioned about gamers who are warring over the same girl. When it comes to politics, I don’t actually agree with most of the things that he says but I enjoy the way he says them.
While his video about Israel is tongue in cheek (and I sincerely hope there is no one out there taking it seriously…) , the arguments that he makes are pretty good- Israel is the only country with complete freedom of religion, equal rights for women, economic stability and democracy. In fact, Israel exemplifies everything that the “Arab Spring” is all about. He contends that if the entire Middle East is turned into Israel, people will be freer and “better off in every way than they have ever been before.” And while the concept is farfetched- I must admit, the guy makes a good point.