This year I celebrated Thanksgiving by going to the Tweetsgiving Beer Tweet up in Tel Aviv - a global tweet up organized by Epic Change ( and Yael Berri,  sponsored and hosted  by Microsoft Israel R&D – ThinkNext Community Events (If you want to know more about tweet ups read a previous article here). The tweet up was held in the Microsoft offices in Herzliya. They seem to be the most fun offices in the world, they even have an Xbox right next to an espresso machine!

The turn out was great. There was a fridge stocked with cold German beer, and there was plenty of pizza. I find it fascinating to meet and speak with people who I only know through twitter.  It is a strange existential experience where we know so much about each other but have never met.

Although, slowly, I am seeing this change as we meet each other over and over at various events - and these online friends have been turning into my “real life” friends.