Jerusalemites: Noam's story

Noam was born and raised in Jerusalem. She is an official tour guide of Israel!

“I was born in ’91. That year was the most gigantic snow in Israel. The roads were closed. No single life was seen on the street. On that day my mom was giving birth to me. No ambulances were running to help us. Eventually my family figured out how to organize a truck and take her to hospital. This is how my life story began.

Today I spread my love about Israeli nature to children. I love teaching them because it’s the only way to make them realize how important our land is.
Jerusalem… I like her diversity. No matter how much time you spend here, there is always something new that pops out in the city. It’s a surprising and innovative place but also very crowded. People always talk to you for no reason, there is no way to be alone, no room, no silence, no privacy and this is something what I struggle with."
What’s on your mind?
"Well, I just finished cleaning my house. My family is religious so I am getting back to help them prepare schnitzels for Shabbat. Shabbat shalom!