Jerusalemites: Norman's story

Norman is a calligrapher and graphic designer. He specializes in making Ketubot.
Come and visit him on Ben Yehuda St.

Norman studied graphic arts at what was then known as the Bezalel School of Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem specializing in typography and it is this field in which he excelled and gave him his love for calligraphy. And it was this love that began his journey through the decorative arts.

"I was of good enough health and mind and body to continue in my work... My life has been composed of many things... I was born an artist but had worked at various professions over the 48 years that I have lived in Israel. I was a typesetter for a book publisher, I was a proofreader for medical publications... I have owned and operated a restaurant that become very popular and then returned to my born profession... an artist.
I can only hope that I can continue to work and enjoy all the things that I have enjoyed in the past. My hopes are really to bring joy and gladness into people's homes when they hang one of my signs on their front door or one of my blessings sitting on one of their walls in their homes... And I hope to continue to make my art until the day that I will be physically unable to.”
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