Time and space

You probably know the phrase “Bad News travels fast.”  There is another well-known phrase in journalism.  “Good News doesn’t sell copy.”  Once we add politics into the equation, we find that so much of the International news reporting about Israel is negative.  The rest of the world sees Israel as a pariah state. Many Israelis and Jews all over the world get more and more despondent.  
Well this blog changes that paradigm completely. In these twice-weekly articles you will be astounded by the achievements of the Jewish State.  The medical successes achieved by its surgeons. The breakthroughs made by its scientists and biotechs. The hi-tech developments produced by leading-edge Israeli innovators.  How Israel’s economy leaps ahead of its peers in the First World.  Celebrities and international personalities who show the world that they are not afraid to identify with the Jewish homeland.  The ways that Israel benefits its minorities and near neighbors, plus examples of inspiring stories and everyday miracles that seem to happen around almost every corner.
This week we have medical news that cuts right across the age spectrum.  For some time, hundreds of babies have been saved from Sudden Infant Death syndrome by the breathing monitor “Babysense” developed and marketed by Israel’s Hisense.  Now Ben Gurion University students have come up with “Baby Beat” which detects changes in heart rhythm and skin tone to alert parents to a potential tragedy.  We then move up the age scale to Prolor Biotech’s human growth hormone which has been authorized by the medicine Agency EMEA for clinical trials on children in Europe.  At the other extreme, scientists at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have isolated the substance CEppt, from cinnamon and used it to stop the progression of Alzheimer''s.  Okay, it has only been proven to work in mice, but it’s a start.  A previous study at TAU identified during human trials that curcumin - tumeric’s active ingredient – has a positive effect in the treatment of non-curable pancreatic cancer.  So let’s hope that they are working quickly through the spice rack and will soon eradicate all known diseases.
We now leave the field of medicine to go on an airborne journey.  We will start on the ground in romantic Paris where 15 Israeli companies were demonstrating some of Israel''s top defense systems at the 49th International Paris Air Show.  There was much interest in Israel’s cutting-edge innovations such as “Windbreaker,” “Magic Wand” and, of course, the “Iron Dome.” 
Next, we take off with the help of Europe’s Airbus aircraft manufacturer who have proudly announced it has joined forces with Israel Aircraft Industries to build a new airborne early warning and control aircraft.  We then enter the outer atmosphere to hear about the phenomenal success of Israel’s satellite industry and the quality images these devices are sending back from space. 
But if this journey should happen to leave you stuck in transit somewhere, then do not worry. Netanya-based SOSTravelers has already helped many stranded air passengers with the beta version of their unique rescue platform.  It’s probably over the top, but you may wish to consider purchasing one of Elbit System’s unique personal locator search and rescue (SAR) beacons. Elbit might have some left, having just sold hundreds to the French Air Force, Army and Navy.
Of course, there may be many readers who are unable to take to the skies at the moment.  In which case the WAZE mobile phone application could revolutionize their driving experience.  Subscribers share information in order to avoid traffic jams and thus take the stress out of motoring.
These are just a sample of Israel’s medical and hi-tech achievements announced during the past week alone.  The next issue will highlight some of last week’s economic and business successes, plus its global and inclusive activities.  And one or two interesting personalities also made their own individual journey to our land last week, through “Time and Space.”
Michael Ordman writes a weekly newsletter containing Good News stories about Israel