Bibi's alleged over spending: Let's focus on the real issues!

I have no idea who I'll be voting for so I'm not voicing a biased opinion:
this report comes out a few weeks before the me a favour!! What would his detractors be saying if they looked like a couple of shlochs, if they are attending public engagements, if the cameras of the world's media are on them, if they are rubbing shoulders with world leaders, financial donors and corporate investors, all for the good of the country, if they turned up looking like a couple of tramps??!!
Why should they pay for the clothes and hair-do's out of their own pocket? and as for the £15,000 bill for take-away food delivered to their official residence in 2011: think about many night meetings during the year must have run into the early hours, when the cook has gone home, 20, 30 people hungry, tired etc...??
Should he scrap the habit of ordering pizzas, save £15,000pa and get cooks into the house 24/7 costing, what, £100K, £200K pa? When world leaders visit Bibi and they go back to his place to get away from formality, to chat about world affairs in a more friendly and conducive atmosphere, away from the cameras and the world's media, should that private residence be a second rate, crumbling property in need of renovation or a house becoming of the Prime Minister of Israel, one of our two representatives (with the President) on the world stage? 
I'm all for financial accountability but this is a non-story, completely irrelevant when we are deciding whether or not this is the right man to run the country after the election.