Assassinating God's Beacon

There is no manhood in placing a bomb among unsuspecting civilians who are going on with their routine lives. There is no glory in attacking men and women going back home to their children; one of them may have been carrying groceries to make dinner for her family; another may have had plans to visit his elderly parents later on that evening. There is simply no justification for placing a device of devastation that causes broken glass, nails, steel balls, and all sorts of shrapnel to shred people's bodies. 

Yesterday, a little girl passed away after fighting for her innocent life during the past 6 years. She was 14 years old when she became a victim of a cowardly act. Someone had thought that hurting a child would give him a sense of accomplishment; a sense of heroism maybe. 
Whoever the perpetrator was, he must had not been a father. How can you be one if you have no value for children's lives and well-being? 

Children are global citizens. They are void of hatred and prejudice; they don't understand borders. Whether they are biologically ours or not, we all have the responsibility of protecting them. Children have neither religion nor nationality; they have God and Earth. They are innocent and they make the world go round with their giggles and smiles. One precious source of those giggles and smiles was taken away from us yesterday. Hodaya fell into a coma 6 years ago due to her injuries and stopped the fight for her life yesterday. It seems the hatred with which a bomb was made, proved to be stronger than the will to live after all. 

It is impossible to even come close to understanding how her family feels; how they miss her voice at home or how they have to deal with the loss of hope that she would be coming back. 

The person who planted the bomb should know that he has killed someone who could have become a peacemaker, someone who could have saved lives, or just someone who brought happiness to her family. 

Changing one vowel of young Hodaya's name would render it an Arabic word that means "The gift of God that allows you to stay on his path; a beacon for God's way." 

There is only eternal shame in killing God's "Hedaya"Whoever did it will meet his maker in the end and judgment will not be smooth as children are objects of God's love. 

May you rest in peace young Hodaya Nechama Asulin.