Shana Tova - 5778

Some places in the world are blessed with eternal sunshine. Other places are marked by perpetual darkness. Some places are always warm, other places are always cold. Our country has seasons.

There is a season for frigid cold and a season for desultory heat. There is a season for torrential downpours and a season for lethargic dryness, but the nice thing is that it is always just a season. As it comes, so does it go, and we know that no matter how harsh its tidings or how distant its tides, this one will end, and another will soon arrive. When we are in the season’s grip, it feels like forever, but alas we know that the day will soon come when the wheel will turn again.

This too is a metaphor for life. Nothing is enduring, nothing is permanent. Everything is in flux, everything is on a cycle. Some days are exciting and filled with joy, other days are depressing and filled with challenge. Some days are high, others low, some days are fun, others melancholy. Sometimes we feel spiritually connected and other days we feel spiritually bereft. In the moment, each day seems to yawn beyond the chasm, but eventually it too shall turn.

Even we are part of this cycle. Our grandparents had their season, our parents have theirs. We are having our season and eventually our children will have theirs. In the ultimate span of time, we are only here for a short while, and will eventually hand the baton to the next in line. The question is, what is it all about? What is permanent?

The only thing of permanence is G-d and our relationship with Him. In good days and bad, in inspiring days and depressing, the enduring piece is that which we experience it with G-d. Whether we rail or exult, we do it with G-d. Whether we fail or triumph, we do it with G-d. So as the new year dawns, let us make a pledge. We will not get caught up in the minutia of the moment, we will remember at all times, that G-d is at the helm of life. He chooses our direction and He sets our pace. Ours is to hang on for the ride that we call life, and to leave this world a better place than the one we entered.

Shana Tova