We Don’t Need a Nation State Bill, We’ve Got One!

I understand why Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to pass the Nation State bill, but I completely disagree with both the idea he’s trying to promote, and certainly with its implementation. We’ve had a Nation State Bill since the inception of our nation, the Israeli nation. The emblem of our people throughout the ages has always been unity, and not segregation.

Those who wanted to unite and through unity discover life’s essential force, the Creator, became the people of Israel, and those who did not became other nations. The original Israelites were not all from the same tribe; they were an eclectic assembly of people who united around an idea—that through unity, they will discover a level of reality that they could not see in their current perception.

Therefore, unity is the only Nation State bill we need. And in that unity, just as when our nation was first formed, we must include anyone who wishes to unite, not just those born to a Jewish mother according to an ID. If people unite around the tenet, “love your neighbor as yourself,” then they are Israel according to its deeper, true meaning.

If we unite around that tenet, we will be supported by all the nations; we will have no enemies whatsoever, and millions, if not billions will join us. Anti-Semitism will be a dim memory of our days of ignorance, when we didn’t understand what it meant to be Israel. Once we unite, and share that unity with the rest of the world, a new reality will emerge, and a new life will begin for Israel and for the whole world.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below.
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