What King Salmon should demand of Khaled Mashal

Khaled Mashal met with King Salmon, reportedly with his hat in hand with Salmon interested in forming alliances against Iran. Hamas since seizing the Gaza territory has been less a permanent state than in a permanent state of decline with a couple of disastrous wars with Israel under its belt and a war of attrition with Egypt and a loss of funding and credibility with Iran while feeling new pressures from Islamic Jihad and ISIS.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salmon might not find much military use in Hamas as they are unlikely to fight either Iranian or Hezbollah forces directly but Hamas pulling further out of the Shi'ite Crescent may be enough for Saudi Arabia to give something. Yet the Saudis should to demand a lot. What the Saudi’s really need is to help Israel fight Iran which likely means Israel fights Hezbollah and keeping Gaza quiet helps Israel focus but the Saudis could do more than that, they could demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s ability to negotiate a better world, specifically a better Middle East by getting Gaza’s government to become responsible and then recognized.

With Khaled Marshal looking for cash and ending Gaza’s isolation, King Salmon should demand Hamas renounce terrorism, seek recognition of Gaza as a state, take no part in its neighbors border disputes while claiming solidarity with their Palestinian Brothers and ask for financial support and small arms to facilitate the repair of Gaza and to fight ISIS and other terror groups. In return Saudi Arabia will be the go between Israel, Gaza and Egypt to end the blockage.
This will set the stage for either Gaza or the PA to make a permanent peace with Israel which neither is likely to do without pressure from important regional states like Saudi Arabia and Egypt but even failing that, a Hamas that has an understanding with Israel which has renounced terror would be a major improvement and would give both the Saudis and Egyptians an amazing credibility inside and outside the region.
An Israel free to focus on the destruction of Hezbollah before it can become a regional terror power and a Hezbollah facing its ultimate defeat might have to follow a path blazed by Hamas in seeking a Sunni alliance, renouncing terror and becoming a genuine political party in Lebanon or face absolute destruction as the Lebanese Military will find some way to cooperate with Israel in destroying Hezbollah. With those gains, the Saudis will find it easier to route the Houthis  and perhaps along the way they will have found the ability to equitably resolve the problems of Shi'ite living in Sunni Gulf States.

If Hamas should fail to agree to such demands or fails to meet its obligations, that Saudis should start to call for the overthrow of Hamas and let Israel destroy the terror groups hold on Gaza. An economically ascending Iran with growing terror networks is a game changer and proxy terror networks can no longer be tolerated, they become acceptable political parties or they should get destroyed. King Salmon’s administration is new, knowing what it is thinking is a similar science to Kremlinology. Yet we know what an effective Saudi government needs to do with a Hamas that is fading as a force of law, failing at commerce, which can't think beyond terrorism and is unable to make a working relationship with its neighbors and the PA much less peace anyone.