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Park in Gaza City

Palestinians in Gaza attack Qatari envoy with stones after $15m. payment

The paychecks of the Hamas members, which were being paid through financial aid by Qatar, were passed on in suitcases in a heavily guarded vehicle.


Egypt, U.N. ask Israel to ease up on Hamas

An Egyptian delegation left Gaza on Wednesday and asked Israel to allow one more chance for calm to be restored to the situation, Liberman said.

Senior Hamas official: We don’t want another war with Israel

He denied that Hamas and other Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip would hold another round of talks in Cairo to discuss Palestinian “national reconciliation” and a truce with Israel.

Palestinian protesters carry tires to burn them during clashes with Israeli troops at Israel-Gaza bo

After Hamas: Why Israel fears a power vacuum in Gaza

At this stage, it appears that Israel prefers to tolerate the proverbial devil it knows.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (left) and Gaza protesters flashing the victory sign

A sense of victory by both Hamas and Israel: A recipe for escalation in Gaza?

Seven tips for how Israel can improve its position amid turbulence on the Gaza border.

PALESTINIANS ATTEND a massive protest in Gaza on Friday.

West playing its part in Hamas propaganda war

Such is the calculus of Hamas. Like all autocracies it views its people as wholly dispensable, fodder on the path to a glorious victory.

Palestinians take cover from Israeli snipers during clashes at the Gaza-Israel border at a protest i

In first round of Gaza face off, both sides test the limits

Both sides can be satisfied: Israel prevented a border breach, while Hamas showed off its power to rally the people of Gaza.

17 dead, over a thousand injured after Palestinians clash with IDF on Gaza border

20,000 men, women and children attended Friday's Land Day protests.

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