Actions Speak Louder Than Words Part 1

 History shows us that England has in the past had a strong and cherished friendship with the Jewish people. They have always desired to find a land for the nation of Israel. But at the same time England had close ties and feelings with the Arab countries as well.

We saw that with T.E. Lawrence of Arabia and his alliance with the sheiks of Arabia to fight against the Turks and the Ottoman Empire. We know that after the war the Jewish statesmen sided with Lawrence and the Arab sheiks because they had agreed to allow the Jews to immigrate into Palestine this was part of the Balfour agreement.

But England reneged on their promises, instead taking control over those lands promised to the Arabs and the Jews. History shows us how people keep their word with Israel. England had said it was their goal to claim some of the captured lands of the fallen Ottoman empire as a land set aside for the Nation of Israel. The Jews were elated and very grateful for the Balfour compact agreed to by both Arabs and Jews, which laid out the land which would be Israel and the lands which would be for the Arabs as well. But the British only wanted what was best for their own advancement.

The British had fought with the Arabs in defeating the Ottomans and now these Arab sheiks were wanting a bigger slice of the pie. Lebanon wanted land for their country and Jordan wanted land for their's. So years later after England finished the slicing up of their promised land for Israel; the Jewish people ended up with about 1/4 of the original amount of land promised to them.

And yet the Jews were thankful and the British people looked like heroes to the Jews. But what they didn't know was that when the Arab nations came to England for more land they made England compromise with them. These compromises would hinder migration of Jews to their promised lands. It would also not allow them to buy or import any military weapons to protect themselves. This did not however stop England from arming the Arab nations surrounding the lands promised to Israel.

During WWII these compromises would help in the murder of millions of Jews who were not allowed to leave Germany and Poland to inhabit their lands in Palestine. After the Holocaust and after the war the Jews were allowed to return and inhabit their land. In 1948 a band of politicians and Jewish patriots were allowed to become a nation with English help and America's endorsing their ratification in the United Nations.

Right after this happened in 1948 the Arab armies armed by England fought to rid themselves of the new fledgling country while it was still in its infancy. These nations were miraculously defeated and Israel had made it through the most difficult birth of its Nation.

Through the years and many miracles of God later they have defeated their enemies and Israel remains today. But the desire for their destruction has never been quieted or diminished. The Arab countries still want this young country to die; Israel is still being betrayed by its proclaimed friend England. You see actions speak louder than words.

As England has little by little turned against Israel, God has little by little turned against England until now they are just shy of being a divided country; a nation driven by parliamentary law and also led by Sharia law. 

England has just re-opened the British embassy in Tehran. This shows that England is willing to stand with Iran over its standing with Israel. This also shows that whatever happens in the American vote on the Iranian nuclear agreement doesn't matter for the world has accepted it already. 

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond speaking on Iranian relations said: “We will not always agree but as confidence and trust grows, there should be no limit over time to what we can achieve together.

Here we see that Iran's desired achievement of Israel's destruction plays no part in England's decision to embrace Iran in a desire for confidence and trust in this tyrannical bastion of terrorism and death. The Bible says: by their fruits ye shall know them. I will add again that Actions Speak Louder Than Words.