Islamic State (ISIS) vs. the Jewish State

To all my readers that have valiantly read through my long blogs and complex articles in the past six months, this particular piece should be short and sweet! After my book, The A.R.K. Report was recently completed, I received a slew of questions on how the lost Ark of the Covenant could possibly play a role in a future war with Israel’s biblical enemies (“Amalek”), as they come back to raise their ugly heads here in the 21st century in the form of the Islamic Republic (IRAN), and the Islamic State (ISIS). Nothing has personified the spiritual character of Israel like the Ark. It’s true that it played an important role in the ancient Israelites’ victories as they conquered the Holy Land, but who will conquer the other in what is bound to be the final round?
To answer that, let’s take a look first at what the enemies are up to today. We know that Iran is in pursuit of nuclear weapons and are in fact developing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM’s) even as I write these very words you are now reading. There is only one purpose for making these ICBM’s, and that is to attach a nuclear warhead on to them. These missiles can reach American soil at the push of a button. Whether we have 12 months or 12 years, Iran appears destined to own these weapons of mass destruction, as the current White House administration appears dead set on making this (bad to very bad) deal with Iran go down, almost at any cost. It’s true that Iran would then constitute an existential threat to Israel. As I wrote in my last article (“Raid on Iran”), the way to subdue them is for Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike now before the nuclear negotiation deadline (and not make the same mistake as in 2010 when an attack was compromised from within by high-ranking military staff). In the meantime though, let’s look at the other enemy that is a lot closer to home: ISIS.
Who are ISIS? Simply put, they are radical (Jihadist) Sunni Muslims that are just as much barbaric, i.e. – savage and merciless, as they are fanatically religious. Their goal? Global Jihad to establish a Caliphate, and subsequently the systematic destruction (in the cruelest of ways) of all those that are considered “infidels” (which, by the way, means YOU!) These guys are already on the Sinai border to Israel and are gaining in numbers all over the world. The FBI Director recently said that there are ongoing investigations into ISIS cells in all 50 American states, and the US is in danger. As for Europe, 5000 men have already flocked to join the caliphate. Ask any Kurd about the hellish reality of fighting them and they will tell you that the Islamic State has already taken over 36,000 square meters of territory in the Middle East. They take in approx. $2 million a day in illicit black market oil sales (mostly from Syria), making it the richest terrorist organization ever. As mentioned, they intend on bringing back the great Muslim dream of a global Caliphate: a borderless Islamic state in order to take on the West. Because ISIS is ideologically driven, they are bound to go head to head with Israel and the West. Not just in physical warfare, but as part of a culture war, an ideological war, in every sense! And don’t be fooled, it has been done before in medieval Spain and Greece.
So why then is ISIS fighting Iran? Answer: Both are expanding, and competing in order to dominate the region, and ISIS is gaining ground, now ruling over 8 million people! Everyone knows that the Obama administration is giving these terrorists a slap on the wrist as a gesture of dismay; however, with every passing day that the Americans fail to wipe ISIS off the map, the movement slowly gains momentum. Or maybe not so slowly. Folks, a great evil is rising (to quote Erick Stakelbeck, author of ISIS Exposed), and this is indeed a sign of the times. The times we live in. Right now. ISIS is honing in on more and more cities in Iraq, including the ancient walled city of Ninvei, and destroying the holy sites there, including the Jewish prophets Nachum and Yonah. As they close in, and more than ever, people will need to find hope and grab on to something that will give them physical and spiritual encouragement, not only for their future, but for the future of all humanity.
What I’m getting at is that only Israel can fight and beat ISIS because only Israel has the unique distinction of being a holy nation as dictated by the Bible itself, and ultimately will have the most lethal, holy and powerful artifact in its possession: the Ark of the Covenant. The only way we can combat such sheer evil is with sheer good and holiness. Indeed, the culture war is present right here at home in Israel with the very Palestinians we have been (quite desperately) trying to make peace with. Who’s to say that Islamic State won’t take over the newly-formed Palestinian state, murdering, rampaging and pillaging the day after a UN resolution forces it on Israel in a couple years? (Heaven forbid). And who will be there to hold them back from eventually surrounding the gates of Jerusalem and destroying them? After all, the day after Baghdad fell to US troops in April 2003, looters burst into the Iraqi National Museum in the Iraqi capital, looting and shattering everything in sight. The US was widely criticized at the time for failing to protect the site, and there’s no way outside forces and observers can be relied upon to protect a united Jewish Jerusalem.
The UN resolution as being proposed by France and New Zealand is said to have contingency plans to secure safe (1967) Israeli borders. However, ALL military experts agree, and history has shown that those borders are simply indefensible. Israel at its narrowest point will then only be 9 miles wide!
Boy, how those pesky facts just keep getting in the way...
So where does this lead us all? (Besides a much longer article). Many Muslims believe that the Ark will be found by the Mahdi, i.e. – the prophesied Messiah of Islam before the End of Days, sometimes called the “Hidden Imam” (although there is no reference to him in the Quran). If ISIS were to surround Jerusalem, look for, and eventually find the treasures of the Temple, or a sacred artifact like the Ark for instance, they would NOT attempt to destroy it like other ancient religious items. They would instead seize it for their Mahdi towards their final victory over the Jews, Israel and the West as we know it. However, alas, just as the Philistines sacked the ancient Israelite city of Shiloh and took the Ark into captivity back to their coastal city of Ashdod, they were soon inflicted with horrible plagues of stomach diseases. ISIS would surely have the same treatment come upon them only to implode and disintegrate, much the same as the Philistines did, and the Ark will finally find its way back into what will be the Third Temple.
At the end of the day, it is starting to look like the great battle that the Bible speaks about between Islam and the West, i.e. – Gog and Magog, Armageddon, or whatever you want to call it, is starting to take shape. If and when that happens, most likely after the fall of Syria’s Bashir Assad, I would place my bets with the Muslims as victors, unfortunately. They are simply unstoppable, and there are no leaders left around here with the gumption to take care of business, as required. One thing for sure though, Israel will remain, and the Jew will remain. All other kingdoms, fiefdoms, empires, dynasties, caliphates, and yes, even democracies, will eventually be but a part of the past. But I dare say: the Jew has, and will always be present on this Earth. On the Day After, he will ultimately move forward with Israel into a New Age. But who will accompany him? Certainly not the Muslim Brotherhood. Definitely not Iran, and certainly not ISIS! And why is that? One reason only. God. When push comes to shove, God Almighty will fight for his Jew, will fight for His People, will fight with His Ark. It’s a fact.
Jews exist because God exists. And THAT my friends, is the future.